Latest FX Version Shows Annoying Action Center Notifications When Switching Playback Devices. And When I Completely Disable All Notifications For FxSound, they re-enable themselves! I've tried everything. Any Ideas? THANKS!

Latest FX Version Shows Annoying Notifications When Switching Playback Devices In PC Notification Settings In The Action Center & When I Disable Notifications For FxSound. They re-enable themselves! I’ve tried everything.

Any Ideas?


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How can this be displayed if you have disabled notifications in the system?

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I have no idea. I have gone directly into windows notification settings for apps, and disabled everything for FxSound. It usually comes back with a restart. puzzling. thanks!

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Show a screenshot of the notification. You can upload it to an image host and provide a link. The screenshot is needed to determine the type of notification.

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it’s just a toast notification from the lower far right action center bubble, it will ding in a slide-out notification from the action center lower right corner, the number on the action icon shows “1” , I open up action center and there it’s at the top, just a notification telling me which source is connected [headphone or speakers, etc]. I turn off the notifications for FxS, restart and soon as it loads, another same notification. Weird. thanks!

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Good afternoon @Nutz,
Apologies for this obviously unintended bug on behalf of the team.
Just to be clear: are you using version or
And which version of Windows are you running?

Good afternoon @bvijay,
First off, there’s a bug report of device switch notifications oddly persisting even after being disabled in Windows.
Secondly, do you perhaps know if other ways to disable those notifications exist?
Thank you.

No problem, here’s my system info, if it helps:

sytem info.JPG

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Oh, forgot…not sure how to get them disabled and make them stick thru a reboot. Too busy today to search it, but may have to dive in registry.

Say, anyway I can DL the version Before this one instead, until it’s fixed?


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Sure, if one of those didn’t have this bug, and you’re willing to trade in the updates outlined in the Changelog for that.
You can find free downloads of all the previous versions [EDIT] on VideoHelp here:

Same problem here on windows 10 also, Downloaded version to fix problem. So far so good.

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I considered downgrading as well, but reconsidered as the dev mentioned in this thread that new old v has memory leak bug. so vs mem leaks or annoying notifications, I personally, am going to stick with the latest version - lesser of 2 evils thing.

BTW, one quick way to clear the # of new notifications from showing in the action center [this goes for ANY notifications] is to press WinKey + A +A, it quickly opens-then closes & clears the # count in action center -, but the notifications are still left when you open up action center, and you can clear them later.

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Good point but notifications are like my pet peeve, lol, hate them. But thanks.

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Oh, me too…I’ve gone into either super admin or God Mode to stop some of them… and bricked my puter so f-ing bad, my only solution was to fresh install windows -…LOL…but in the big picture this software is FREE as free can get and IMO the best and easiest to use out there, so, I’m not gonna complain too loudly! LOL!

I just started using it a couple weeks ago to test and this free soft is one of the very few good ones that I’d even consider making a donation for. Kudos to the devs!

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I grabbed this info from windows event viewer. not sure if it’ll help you or not. thanks

Faulting application name: FxSound.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x649b145e
Faulting module name: FxSound.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x649b145e
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00000000000bd070
Faulting process id: 0x1284
Faulting application start time: 0x01d9b2dfa4e17397
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\FxSound LLC\FxSound\FxSound.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\FxSound LLC\FxSound\FxSound.exe
Report Id: f94c47fa-2794-4297-8be5-38de7d375fbc
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

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I’m actually not a dev, only a mod, and also kind of a noob when it comes down to technical matters. :nerd_face:
But thanks for sharing nonetheless, maybe it will help Vijay (FxSound’s lead engineer).

I think it’s useful for this problem to indicate the level of user rights where the problem with system notifications occurs (user, admin, guest, etc). In the OS settings, the basic levels (groups), in the professional mode, there are more options.

It also cannot be ruled out that the problem is in the system itself, with its notification center. Therefore, make sure that the latest system updates are installed.
I can suggest that the developer should give the user a logging program (debug version or run command/key) that will keep track of the correct actions of the program and transfer them to the system. Previously, the program had its own functionality, but now it relies on Microsoft. In case of system errors, the FXSound developer does not have the ability to change the system itself.

Maybe you should also supplement the theme with screenshots of notifications, notification settings in the system.

All this is optional at the moment. But more information will give a more accurate analysis of the situation and a chance to repeat it, and then the opportunity to correct it.

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In Windows 10 I see that disabling FxSound notifications in the system settings doesn’t show the notifications until applications exits.

But OS is persisting the settings and when the application starts again, notifications start to appear unless they are disabled again.
Since the OS behaviour is different from Windows 11, I need to debug this further and implement an OS specific fix.


Thank you SO much for your work. Please, take your sweet time - there is NO rush, IMO as the bug is just they’re some just slightly annoying action center notifications, which, in the big picture does NOTHING to detract from your absolutely wonderful App.

And if I may dare at this time…lol, ask for a minor improvement/mod whilst you’re under the hood of this thing; Any way you can make the app’s, bubble/notification thing -when you switch sound outputs, go away all together or be at least an option with bubble display time editable? As after perusing the forums - other users have mentioned this very issue. It hovers RIGHT over the bottom right corner of the system tray, which impedes us impatient and OCD power users from clicking on anything in that area of the tray until it’s gone. If you’ve already updated this, then KUDOS! As it seemingly does NOT do it on MY system, but my win10OS is highly tweaked and modded toward security and data-mining.

Again, thank you SO much for this superb app, and when you get this little bug ironed out, expect a donation from me - a new user of just a couple of weeks - to help support this app, your efforts and expertise!

Kindest regards,


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You’re not wrong…

Still experiencing this with v1.1.20.0 on windows 10.

The notifications are re-enabled upon reboot.

Any options I can run to allow a debug log, or debug build?

I am runnig the version from the website, rather than the MS store version

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