Windows 11 notification pop-up

Hello every time I change my audio output in fxsound the windows notification that pops up tells me about it 3 times in a row, I didnt have this problem before but recently I had to reinstall windows and install fxsound again and now I am having this issue. I tried reinstalling fxsound but that didnt help. Im guessing my only option is to turn off the notifications for fxsound?

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Hello Taylor, welcome to the forum.
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If you can turn off notifications for FxSound through Windows’ own app-specific notification settings, and you are happy with the results, then this is an option, but, it’s not the only option.
There are some remaining issues with disabling notifications that way; see:


Another option would be to uninstall the version you are running through Control Panel, and install a previous version, if one of those didn’t have this bug, and you’re willing to trade in the updates made (outlined in the FxSound ChangeLog) for the benefit of eliminating the persistent notification.
You can find free downloads of all the previous versions here:

Adding options to FxSound’s Settings menu regarding the notifications, is currently being investigated as a possible future update:

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thanks for the reply. I did end up just turning off notifications in the windows setting for fxsound, totally forgot that fxsound has its own notification pop up so that is really nice to have still. But what I did notice is today after starting up the pc and looking at my notifications page fxsound doesnt even show on it anymore so I cant even reenable it even if I wanted to lol…

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Yes, The Win11 notifications settings have their own bugs as well…
Here’s a tutorial on how to reset the list of apps.
I’d advise for using the second option (Command Line), and against messing with the Registry.

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I hope you don’t mind if I add your post from today to the already-existing thread on the same topic;