FXSound excessive notifications

I just upgraded to version and so far it appears to have fixed the “closing at random” issue, but now it keeps popping notifications out from the taskbar. I will get 5-10 (sometimes more) notifications 2-3 seconds apart, all saying “Output: Headphones (R-K59.0 hearing aid)”. While the notification is correct I really don’t see the need to display all but the first one.

Other than that the app is fantastic and I can always disable notifications through Windows Settings.

Windows 11 Home on ASUS Vivobook. Current with updates.

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Welcome to the forum, Jim.
Sorry about that glitch. We are aware that there are some strange bugs with the notifications, and are actively working on improvements.
Question: does this happen when you switch output devices within FxSound’s interface? Because we had a similar bug report three weeks ago, where this happened when switching devices in Windows, but not in FxSound; see the second linked issue below.
I’d say the first tip from the main troubleshooting list worth trying, would be to reset the FxSound Speakers device to its defaults inside the Advanced tab of its Properties in Windows Sound, since this is a pretty harmless reset, which should not impact any of your settings or Presets.
If you’re a Power User, you can find a tutorial with some options on how to reset the notifications in Windows 11 here - these all involve messing with the Registry, so be extra careful.

I’d classify myself as a power user. Other than being a professional programmer since the late 70s I also did Windows desktop support for 10+ years.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve done my share of registry mods but after disabling notifications in Settings it is no longer an “in your face” problem so I’ll just live with it until the next update.

I find that with age-related hearing loss, FXSound is the perfect solution to tweak the sound to improve my ability to understand voices in videos. Thanks again for a great app.

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