Permanently disable notifications for FxSound only

Running FxSound v1.1.19.0 on Windows 11, I navigate to Settings, System, Notifications, then under “Notifications from apps and other senders” I turn Off notifications for just FxSound, and it works until I reboot, then automatically turns itself back on again. I don’t want to disable system wide notifications as I need them for my work, so that is not a fix for me. The notifications from FxSound are persistent and annoying, I don’t need it to constantly tell me whenever I change my speakers to my headset etc.

I have donated a couple of times in the hopes of helping support development, this is a fantastic app except for this one issue. Please can you provide a fix for completely disabling all notifications for just this app.

Edit: I should note that this only affects FxSound, I have disabled notifications for other apps in the Win 11 control panel and their Off setting remains after a reboot. For some reason only FxSound is defiant towards saving this setting.

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Thank you @jamiowonders for your support to FxSound.
Sorry about the issue with the notifications. I understand that it would be very annoying to see the notifications being displayed even after disabling it.
We just completed the development of next release and in the process of testing it. So, we can prioritise fixing the notifications issue in the following release (


Thank you @bvijay much appreciated!

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