Neat app BUT... I am uninstalling

Good evening Jon,
Of course, no one is forcing you to use this free software, and you’re always at liberty to switch to another audio enhancer:

Many thanks to @Tarek_Hasan for sharing.

Your above points have been duly noted.
Now, please allow me to offer a reply to them one by one.

Please refer to this thread for all info on the sleep mode issue.

I use WinAmp, VLC, and Windows Media Player on a pretty old system, and seldom experience any glitches. LatencyMon can help you identify the cause of your stutter issue, and perhaps carefully adjusting your Power settings could help as well.

What kind of notifications are you getting? I am using v1.1.20.0 available from, and never get any notifications except for the regular ones indicating device selection…
Apologies in case I’m restating the obvious, because you might have already tried this, but you can find the instructions on how to disable notifications from any app on Windows 10 in this article by Microsoft Support.
That being said, it is admittedly true that there have already been a couple of threads about persistent notifications, like this one, for example (scroll down to the posts made by @Dolmatov and @bvijay for further insights), so this is indeed a known issue.

This is a popular request, so I added yours to the existing thread on this topic (you can find it linked underneath your opening post at the top of this thread).