Inability to get Fx Sound to function

i have used Fx Sound since it’s first coming out, with NO Problems whatsoever. Now it has become UNUSABLE.

I have spent almost 1 week trying to get it to just work. Which has not succeeded in anyway. Completely unstable, works (short time), lags crashes etc;etc.

Performed checks on my system from A to Z ( to numerous to mention) here.
The problem lies in the Software of FX sound, as for some reason, Devs have upset something.
I just cannot use this nightmare anymore, having purchased it previously and recently offered and sent a donation. It is FAULTY. PERIOD.,

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Good afternoon Graham,
My apologies for your trouble on behalf of the team.
I’ll tag and PM FxSound’s lead audio engineer @bvijay to ask for his advice.
Not to offend, but many people use the new version of FxSound without problems, so my guess would probably gravitate more toward some sort of system or device incompatibility.
Either way, this is a link to free downloads of previous versions, in case the incompatibility is version-specific.
And this is a quick link to my standard troubleshooting list.
I hope your problem can be resolved, but if not, there are other audio enhancers available online:


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Hi @doolhoofd, I have few suggestions with software you referred.

  • Equalizer APO website you linked isn’t original. This type of fake website provides malicious software. Original repo is here - Equalizer APO.
  • Also Equalizer APO development was discontinued and dev suggests using Peace Equalizer.
  • DeskFX is from NCH software, which has a reputation for providing buggy software. Their software are notorious for difficult to uninstall and making a mess in windows registry.

(contunied due to link limitation)

  • SteelSeries Sonar is better than any paid software. It’s free but needs an account to work.

This is very helpful info, thank you.

I ran the equalizerapo dot com url through virustotal and it came up completely clean, so I was wondering how it would install malware?

Hi, I meant this type fake websites are used for malicious activity. One should be careful where they download software from, better safe than sorry.

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Since the url matched the software name exactly, I thought this was simply the official website.
I appreciate the heads-up.

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@Mothie is your device’s audio controller from Realtek?
If it is, then using Realtek UAD Driver (for win10 or higher) might solve your problem. This driver will also install an equalizer; “Realtek Audio Console” from MS Store. It has decent functionalities.

Newer Realtek audio controller by default supports UAD driver, but may come preinstalled with older HDA driver. If so, just uninstall the driver and let windows update install the new driver. For older audio controller you can use this modded driver by pal1000 Realtek UAD generic, instructions are here.

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Hi @Mothie, Sorry for the issues that you are facing with FxSound. If you can provide some details about your system configuration and the application crash, we can debug it and fix it in the coming release.
Which version of FxSound have you installed?
Can you provide the PC configuration details which can be found in System Information?
To debug the crash we need the application crash dump. The crash dump collected by following these steps,
Collecting User-Mode Dumps - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

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