What's the deal?

I just downloaded FX sound for a new computer. I had it on my old computer, which was the same model as my new one. After downloading it, whenever I click on it’s icon, instead of bringing up the program I get a pop up box wanting me to purchase the pro model of the program. Has this software now become a rip off scam that is designed to get you to buy the pro version, or is there a fix for this problem. They no longer give any support for their software other than this forum. In my experience, forums rarely give me any solution to my problems. Rarely, do I get any answer at all.

Sincerely, Larry Boydston.

Hello Larry,
Which version did you download, the old blue one?
I’m sure that if you download the new version, you will not have this problem.
Find it at https://www.fxsound.com.

Thanks doohoold for your reply, but I did download the new version.

Larry Boydston.

That is odd indeed.
It should be free for everyone. So something’s wrong.
Good morning @bvijay, have you heard of this bug before?
What to do, how to fix?

I found another sound enhancer that has graphic, parametric, and visual equalizers. It has many other features and so far has delivered just as good results as FX Sound did. It is so far free with no prompts to purchase anything. It may change in the future, just as FX Sound did, but until it does I will use it. The new program is DeskFX sound enhancer.

Thanks again for your help doohoofd.
Larry Boydston.

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No problem. Sorry your issue didn’t get solved in time.
The new FxSound is a great program, but there are admittedly still some mighty annoying bugs that need to be worked out…

A couple of days ago I also found the DeskFX program mentioned and have given it a try, it’s easy to be fooled by the number of equalizer ‘buttons’ and the overall fancy look makes you feel this thing must be the best! But in my testing it comes up just as a fancy equalizer with some presets, it lacks the FX sound main advantage of actually enhancing the sound from the get-go, and depends on the user to fiddle at length with the equalizer to try and enhance it, it can’t hold a candle to FX sound.

Like others, I was finding it hard to accept something new and stuck with the old version, but when I accepted the new version and spent a little time coming up with my personal preset I am extremely happy. My advice to all who say they are missing the old version is to stop moaning and get with this new program, it is absolutely first class.


I agree with you completely. I was a little leery of the new non-supported FXSound at first and wanted DFX back, but since I’ve been tinkering with it for a couple of months now, I’m very comfortable with the new program and still enjoy that great FX sound processing!


coachtim. I am not sure just what you are getting at. I too was satisfied with FX Sound, until I started getting a pop up box every time I tried to use it. This box wants me to purchase the Pro model, and it won’t let me use FX Sound at all. As far as I am concerned this is a scam/rip off. The unsupported version worked well before this happened, but I couldn’t use it at all after this happened. I tried to contact FX Sound, but the only support comes by way of the forum, and this option has given me no helpful answers. I have uninstalled FX Sound, and have installed DeskFX. It works just as well, perhaps better than FX Sound. It has a Graphic EQ, a Parametric EQ, and a Visual EQ. You have the option to make 20 pre- sets and it gives one a 20db boost in a better breakdown of frequency range. So far, I have not been pressured to purchase anything. Time will tell of course.

Thanks for all replies to my question. Larry Boydston.

Hi @larryb1
FxSound is now free and the latest versions shouldn’t prompt for any upgrade.
It will be helpful for us to look into this issue if you can share the screenshot of the prompt and the version number of FxSound you have installed. The version number is available in Settings → Help page in FxSound.

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Thanks bvijay for your reply. I had the latest version, yet I was prevented from using it do to the pop up prompt to buy the pro version. I could not get rid of it and there is no support except for this forum. I had no choice except to find another comparable software, which I did. The new software is DeskFX and it works great. I believe that it is actually better than FX Sound. So far, there has been no prompt to purchase anything. I can contact DeskFX if I have any issues. If FX Sound had another way to get support besides this forum, I would still be using it.

Thanks to all who did reply to my concern.

Larry Boydston.

@larryb1: You came to this forum to get your problem troubleshooted, did you not?
So instead of complaining and repeating yourself, could you please, for once, just follow the instructions Vijay gave you?

Hey Larry. Could you try the download here: Download FxSound - Boost Your Sound On Windows

Just to make sure you have the correct version… as from what it sounds like you may have an older version downloaded.

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Closing thread.