New FxSound Does Not Compare to Gold

I would rather pay for high-grade service than be downgraded to less. The new version does not compare to what I paid for. I now have to find a new company. I can understand you having to make it free but canceling a product and saying it is unrestricted or is comparable is wrong!

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But the program is still working as usual. I updated to the newest version (1.1.14) and from my experience I did not hear or see any ‘downgrades’ compared to past versions. In fact, it sounds better (at least on my computer).

Or where you previously using one of their older versions from the past? (As in DFX or FX-Sound

If the latter is the case, then I can understand your frustration, as it took me a while to get used to the newest FX-Sound. But I realized that this new FX-Sound does indeed have better sound processing.

I mean, you are free to look elsewhere for another program. There’s many, as I have tried others too in the past. However, I have concluded that FX-Sound has the best volume booster, clearest output, and customization for audio processing. And is free!

Perhaps I have not noticed, but what exactly was the downgrade you speak of?


If you want the same level of audio quality as it was in DFX you must choose “classic processing” preset in FxSound.

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This new driver makes all my sound stutter… I had to go back to June 21 version… !!!

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Sorry about the troubles with the driver. Were you on version or We reverted some of the driver changes we made on on the latest version: Download FxSound - Boost Your Sound On Windows


Hi James, It was the newest version of Gold DFX it was awesome. I took your advice and am trying the classic preset it sounds better is this new download better than preset? I appreciate your effort in solving this problem.:blush:


I haven’t tried the latest version yet as I haven’t had time. Pretty sure it was Will update later this week, or if a newer version comes out sooner… Thanks again!

I have the same problem with sound stutter but don’t have a previous version to rollback to…

The spambot removed my first answer and staff has been notified… hopfully they not mad at me lol.

but the guidelines says im not authorized to distribute it because its not my intellectual property … so i’ll simply tell you to hit me up on reddit mate.


Edit : i’ve removed the DL link. to prevent anyone from getting it. JIC

How to revert back to that version?

And here we have another classic case of Aesop’s Man, Boy & Donkey.

You can uninstall FxSound and download older versions at DFX Audio Enhancer - Boost Your Sound

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It’s fine for me, but it’s sorta dumb that it was a paid thing, and now it’s free. I almost wonder if the devs could not figure out how to make it a “business” or something? I mean, why give something away that clearly has value, as well as subscribers??? Makes no sense to me… Anyone??

Hi owlcatz,
I really do believe that when James inherited the company, he just wanted to make better sound available to all.
And that this explains the shift.


We were profitable before we made the switch to a free model. But it was going to be hard to make dramatic improvements on the product after my dad (the main developer and audio engineer of the software) passed away. It became clear that we’d be providing the most value to users by making the software free and unrestricted for everyone. We’re making much less money now, but with some cost reductions we’ll be able to still maintain and make small but continual improvements to the software.

You can read more here: FxSound Is Now Completely Free and Unrestricted


Hey James I’m so sorry for your loss I know the feeling well. I didn’t mean to come off as rude or unappreciative but I just did not understand. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for taking the time to explain, the past two years have been rough on all of us I think…

Anyhow I appreciate all of your dad’s work very much so if you ever find a developer to continue on I’ll be glad to pay or at least donate if you have a PayPal or crypto address for continued use because I can’t imagine listening to music without it to be honest your father did some great work so I hope you are very proud. :+1:

Kind regards and again sorry for your loss.


Hi @owlcatz;
You can make PayPal donations through this link:

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