The new FXSound is vastly inferior to the old version, how can I revert?

Me and my wife were major supporters of FXSound in the past and actually bought the premium version on at least three different devices. At some point in the last, maybe 2 years ago although I can’t be sure, FXSound had a massive update that changed the way the UI looked and defiantly changed the performance.

We have tried every preset and every possible custom EQ setting but they are all terrible, just loud. I have no idea why such a perfect product was replaced with this inferior, more complicated, and less efficient mess unless you sold off the original and rebuilt this new version from scratch.

Either way, I’d love to know how to get my hands on the older version when it was simple to use and before the entire UI changed. I had been able to work around the problem by moving the files from my other computer but I guess at some point it auto-updated.

Thanks in advance!

I know many of us felt the same way, until we invested the time it takes to create our own preset(s), it’s probably best by starting with the ‘Classic Processing’ preset. With small adjustments, I now feel the new version with my personal presets beats the older one hands down.


All of us don’t have the time or desire to create a EQ preset. I tried. And besides, why would I? DFX Gold sounded perfect. Send me a screenshot of your preset if you don’t mind. I have the ability to actually record some samples with it against DFX.

I am not too sure about how to add the screenshots hope it works.

One is for the speakers and the other headphones, each only took about half an hour. As shown the adjustments are quite small, but they do make the difference I was seeking for my main listening music which is traditional country.

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Hello Jeric,
If I’m not mistaken, the old blue version, FxSound Enhancer, is still available absolutely free on
Look way down below, under “Products.”
Hope this helps, let me know.
[EDIT: I am mistaken here, it is not freely available.]
I disagree by the way, I like the new version better, but to each his own, I guess.

If you happen to want exceptionally bright, vivid and spacious sound, these long searched for and tested settings from older FXSound are good:

EQ: 110Hz/+1db; 220Hz/+3db; 400Hz/+5db; 750Hz/+5db; 1500HZ/+3db; 2500HZ/0db; 4500HZ/0db; 8500Hz/+3db; 16000HZ/+4db.

Effects: Fidelity: 10 / Ambience: 3 / 3D surround: 3 / Dynamic Boost: 9 / Bass: 4

If you have Windows, and the newest Realtek Audio driver in it, choose 24-bit, 48000Hz, Studio Quality -sample rate and "Improve sound, Improve sound automatically - settings in Realtek audio settings.

If your speakers dont have excellent quality Bluetooth -connection, 4.2 or higher (not all of them are excellent), use 3,5mm jack to transmit sound, if you have that option. Cheapest 3W computer speakers can’t handle the said settings. I have Logitech Z207 -speakers, which can handle the said settings only with 3,5mm jack connection. With that the sound is sublime and heavenly.

To test the sound, I recommend e.g. James Everingham, Kauai and Rascal Flatts, Life is a Highway. With the said settings, your speakers should be able to reproduce the ‘noisiest’ parts of these songs clearly, melodiously and without the sound breaking at all, without little fractures and breaking vibrations in the sound.


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… Use loud volume in testing.

In the mentioned arrangements and settings, the exalted bright and melodious sound quality comes from FXSound and it’s settings, other things are necessary background or basis.

E.g. Logitech Z207 -speakers with 3,5mm connection have on their own mid-level small computer speaker sound, with bluetooth connection low sub par grade. However the speakers in themselves are well built and have good speaker elements, so they can narrowly handle the advanced and demanding sound processing of FXSound with fairly extreme settings and loud volume. 4 speaker elements of Z207 can together create the striking vivid harmonies and wide floating feelings of space and stereo of FXSound, 2 speaker elements would in many cases not be enough. With the support of FXSound, any at least equivalent speakers will do the referred sound creation.


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