Replicate default DFX settings in FxSound


Hello. Thank you for this great software. I’m trying to replicate these DFX settings “Music type II”. I tried exporting the default preset and importing it into FxSound but it still sounds a little bit off and voices are more muted.

What exactly “Music type I” and “Music type II” did and how can we get “Music type II” effect in FxSound? There was a significant difference in sound quality between I and II.

Also what exactly was the difference between “Speakers” and “Headphones”? These options are missing in the new FxSound and I’m not sure how can I get the exact same sound quality I got used to. “Classic processing” is not really how original DFX sounded. It seems like the problem is with the missing options because the config is exactly the same but I’m not sure what “Speakers” and “Music type II” were doing.


Hi Konrad,
Welcome to the forum.
Wish I could help, but I’ve never used that old version…

You must ask James personally because if I remember correctly his father was working on older DFX versions and maybe he knows.

Okay so I know that we removed the ‘Headphones’ option in FxSound Enhancer and processed everything with ‘Speakers’. The ‘Headphones’ option used outdated sound processing techniques. Honestly I don’t know what the exact difference was between ‘Music Type I’ and ‘Music Type II’ but again we removed the option that used outdated processing techniques and processed everything using the better of the options.

‘Classic Processing’ should sound similar to FxSound Enhancer. If the voices sound a bit muted you could try increasing the high-ends on the EQ. You can refer to the Voice preset for help.