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Hi, can you write me the default setting of “music” preset? Because I changed the settings and would like to return t default setting. Thanks in advance.

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Good afternoon Salvo,
You can find the Music.fac preset file attached, but with a .txt extension (since the forum only allows certain file types), as well as a screenshot of the Music preset below.
After you’ve downloaded the Music.fac.txt file, you’ll need to change the filename and remove the last four signs (.txt) from the name, in order to make it a .fac file again.
Music.fac.txt (946 Bytes)
Thanks to @Dolmatov for showing me this trick.
There are other ways to get the default settings back, for example, by combining the “AppData trick” with the instructions on how to import and export presets
First, click on Tools > Folder Options > View in the menu bar on top, and enable “Show hidden files, folders, and drives.”
You can simply change the folder name back afterward, however, renaming the folder will erase all custom-made presets as well as all bonus presets previously loaded in, so be sure to export the presets you wish to keep first!

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Tried the AppData trick for the first time myself: it did not work the way I expected it would.
Upon renaming “FxSound” to “FxSound 01,” another folder named “FxSound” was created.
And after restarting my computer, FxSound was indeed reset, but, after deleting the newly-created “FxSound” folder and renaming “FxSound 01” back to “FxSound,” things simply went back to the way they were before…

Also, if you’re going to import the “Music.fac” preset file, it’s possible you will get a notification telling you that it is a duplicate preset and has not successfully been imported; therefore, if this happens, you might want to try renaming the file again to something along the lines of “Music (Original).fac” and then retry the operation.

My apologies if all of this is overly complicated.

Thank you very much!

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Glad I could help! I hope you managed to restore your preset.