Export settings not working

Hello everyone!

I exported some own presets yesterday, and I’m trying to use them today with a new computer using FX but they simply don’t work.

I will upload the two presets I want the most if you can help me, please.
https://file.io/akbvdLaWOZPT (2 .fac archives)

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Hi Antonio,
Simply copying and pasting the .fac files into the (hidden) folder
C: \ %userprofile% \ AppData \ Roaming \ FxSound \ Presets
should do the trick as well.
Let me know if this works for you.

Apologies, I forgot to mention something important:
You will probably need to exit FxSound via the tray icon in the bottom right corner of your screen first, next, copy and paste the Presets, and then restart FxSound.


It doesn’t work for me unfortunately.

I had these two presets: https://file.io/XDiFh7IQq06Q
but now when I open them, they have the same config, and it wasn’t like that when I exported them.

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Yeah, it doesn’t work for me either, sorry.
You shared three Presets in the above downloads, and they all show up as one and the same configuration, both after copy-pasting the .fac files as well as after importing.
I’m afraid you’ll have to recreate the lost Preset manually from memory as best as you can.
The smartest thing to do, would be to take a printscreen of important configurations, as a double back-up, so you can recreate them visually.

Here’s something worth exploring:
Right-click on your .fac file,
click on “Properties” at the bottom of the menu,
then navigate to the “Previous Versions” tab.
There’s a small, but nonetheless real chance you could restore your lost Preset this way.

“No previous versions available”, anyway thank you very much, doolhoofd, I will try to recreate the presets from memory, and I will take a screenshot of it haha

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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