Another "Saving Presets" Victim

Except for “undo preset changes”, “download bonus presets”, and “donate” (I did), all the other options are greyed out. I am at v1.1.20. I tried temporarily removing all the .fac file in the factsoft direory and reinstalling the program.

I’m hard of hearing, especially at the higher frequences, so FXSound has been great for me, but I’d like to avoid changing setting ever time I use the program.

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Hi Flash,
Sorry for the trouble.
I’ve placed a banner with my standard troubleshooting list at the top of the forum with the settings I usually recommend checking first.
There should also be options to import and export presets available in the Settings menu, but perhaps these are greyed out as well; this is a link to the tutorial,

You can export any number of presets to a folder of your choice at any time, so while the software itself does not support loading in an unlimited number of presets, you should be able to store a theoretically infinite amount of presets on your computer or on an external drive.
This is a link to a site where you can find all the previous versions, in case this malfunction is version-specific and only started appearing after installing v1.1.20.0,

You can find a list of all the updates made with each version on the Changelog page,

Please post back with your results, and let me know if this was helpful or not.

I’ve tried everything you suggest, but I am still unable to save a new or modified preset. I am not given that option. As such, I must change my curret presets every time I start FX Sound.

Is this a known problem? Would an earlier version resolve this problem? Do you have a solution that is specific to this problem rather than the generic one you suggested?

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Hi Rich,
Before we proceed, can I just ask you how many extra Presets are already saved in your UI?
Because the current limit is set to 10, so beyond that, there will be no option to save further Presets available.

No, not as far as I’m aware of.

I honestly don’t know, and I have no way of testing, since

  1. I am just a moderator, and
  2. I am not seeing this bug.

It should be safe and harmless to uninstall and reinstall any other version(s) through Control Panel, though (and if you run into any trouble, you can use the instructions for manual driver removal).

At the moment, no.
Sorry about that.
I’ve sent a message to @bvijay, he has been notified of your trouble.

Only after a change to the current preset it can be saved as a new preset. Once a change is made in the Equalizer or Effects by moving the sliders, the Save Preset option is enabled.

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Thx for your reply, but after making a change to a preset, the option to save it is greyed out.

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There are three conditions that grey the Save Preset option.

  1. Effects or equalizer sliders are not moved
  2. FxSound processing must be on with the power button
  3. The number of user saved presets should not have reached the limit of 10

In case if you have already saved 10 presets. select a user preset and delete it from the menu. Delete preset option also requires FxSound to be on.

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Would it be possible to share screenshots?
It’s the button with the upwards arrow.
If you can’t upload images via the forum, you could use (no account necessary).

The FXSound power button is on. I DID move the sliders on the “volume boost” preset, but the option to save was greyed out. I have not saved any presets previously. The power button is turned on. But thx for your reply.

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Is the option to import and export Presets available?

This pack was shared by one of our most helpful forum regulars, and contains 59 Presets, including the 12 Bonus ones:

Yes, option to import/export is available and I have imported the presets you sent me, but, after modifying one of the presets, the option to save is still not available.

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In this case, either removing the driver manually, or uninstalling with specialized software, seem like the fixes worth trying.
Either way, a screenshot - even a cropped and completely anonymous one - would be more helpful than trying to solve this blindly.

I’ve also included some links to alternative audio enhancers at the end of my troubleshooting list, if not having an option to save Presets is a dealbreaker (which I would understand).

I solved my problem. Seems that the standard included presets cannot be overridden. I was able to save a modified “standard” preset using a preset name different from one of the included presets.

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Glad to hear that!
Thanks for letting us know.


Hopefully the info posted above might be useful to you as well.

Here is how I solved the issue:
There are (12) Default Presets and (12) Bonus Presets . The Bonus Presets were added to

  • %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\FxSound\Presets

This seems to be the same place Custom User Presets reside…therefore hitting the (10) limit, and not allowing me to save more presets. So I tricked FXSound by doing the following:

  1. Exit FX Sound completely.
  2. Move all Bonus Presets from
    [%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\FxSound\Presets], to
    [C:\Program Files\FxSound LLC\FxSound\Factsoft]
  3. Open FXSound, edit and save presents is allowed
  4. Make a backup of [both locations default and custom)

Hope this helps others. :pray:
Thank you for such an awesome free app!

Cheerio :heart_eyes:

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Just tested this, and it works. :exploding_head:
That is a pretty amazing and ingenious trick, and I tip my hat to you for discovering and sharing it, kind Sir.
I can’t help but wonder, though, what the risks might be to this trick, what the upper limit of the Factsoft folder might be, and if the “transfusion” will hold up after updating or downdating to a newer or older version…
Still, definitely worth investigating further.
Thank you! :sparkling_heart:

This fixed the issue! At first I couldn’t find the presets file path. After searching the computer, I learned that I needed to toggle “show hidden files” to navigate to the AppData file path. Thanks!

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