Can't save new preset

I make changes to an existing factory preset, but when I try to create a new preset in the menu, the option is greyed out. I know this has worked before, but just recently I reinstalled FXSound and noticed this issue right away. Anyone else experienced this? Thanks!

Ah, just read Dan’s post on the same thing. I HAVE imported the additional presets from the web. Guess I’ll have to decide on which ones I really want to keep.

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Thanks for taking the initiative to look around, David.
I hope this fixes your issue; if not, feel free to make another post.

I spoke too soon. Here’s what I’ve found.

You can’t select a preset to delete, as that is greyed out in the menu.
I uninstalled and reinstalled, only to find out that all the bonus presets were already there.
So, I can’t find a way to delete presets I’ll never use so that I can modify an existing preset and save it as a new one.
Please help. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

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I am aware of the fact that these are stupid and silly things to ask, but, nevertheless:

  1. Could you please share a screenshot? And also,
  2. Just double-checking to be sure, but you are trying to delete a bonus or custom preset and not a standard pre-loaded preset, right?

You can upload your screenshot via an image sharing website, or you can send it to me through Discord, user doolhoofd#4554.

Here’s another recent thread where users had the same issue:

Hope to hear back from you soon.