Issues saving altered Presets?

For some reason I am unable save customized pre-sets. Option is Greyed out?


I would like to know how to save custom or edited existing presets as well. All my options are greyed out.

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There’s a limit to the number of Presets you can save.
One user fixed the problem by deleting some stored Presets; another user fixed the problem by, and I quote, using fewer words to name the Preset…
Other than that, I don’t really know a fix for the problem…
But maybe someone else does?

Other threads where users had the same issue:

@malcar & @Sparowe: Please let me know if this fixes the problem or not.
If not, I’ll do my best to find other ways to help you.

I have deleted some of the presets and am now able to save custom presets!

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I will try deleting some presets I don’t or have never used. I was never given the option to save them in the first place so maybe this is why.

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If it works: let me know.
If it doesn’t work: also let me know.

Worked for me!

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