My new presets aren't getting saved

When I create a new preset and press ENTER, it’s not getting saved.

Hello Leonard;
I myself can no longer save presets because I’ve reached the maximum available number; the only way for me to save a new preset would be after deleting an existing one.
But, I’m assuming that is not your problem, since you can still fill in the little box.
@TiM? @bvijay? Ideas?
Install all available Windows and sound card updates, that’s a tip I’ve seen TiM give…
No idea what’s going wrong; I honestly don’t know enough about the program or about your system and I can’t answer this question.

Hmmm … depends.

First, we do need a bit more details. At which exact stept is it not going any further? Describe step by step …

Then, are you maybe using a name of an existing profile to overwrite it? It is a bit unintuitive since you then have to use the “Overwrite …” option below and NOT the normal way you would to save a NEW profile …

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Indeed, user did not supply much information.
@drlstein: Please, elaborate.


I put in on VOICE. Then I adjust the settings to where I want to change them. Then I click on SAVE NEW PRESET, write in the name of the new preset, and press ENTER on my keyboard. I get a notice that Preset Was Saved. But it is not in the presets. I tried starting out by putting it on GENERAL, adjusting the settings, and going through the same steps, and the same thing happened. It told me it was saved, but it wasn’t.

I hope you can help me.

Len Stein

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Okay, thanks for that.
How many presets do you have in your drop-down preset menu?
There are twelve standard presets in the top menu; how many do you have in the bottom menu (below the line, starting below “Streaming Video”)?
If the number is ten, then the problem is clear: it means you have the same problem I have (as described above).
If the number is lower than ten, then this is a strange bug that I’ve never heard of before…
Have you installed all Windows, sound card and driver updates?
If not, highly recommended.
Have you installed the latest version of FxSound?
If not, highly recommended as well.

I only have three presets. And yes, I downloaded the latest, free, version of FxSound. I also downloaded updated drivers and the same problem occurred. It said New Preset saved, but it wasn’t.

Any other ideas? I’d really like to get this to work.


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Thank you for sharing that information.
I’m tapping out; I have no idea what might be causing this.
Maybe TiM or Vijay do.

I was thinking about this but i cannot reproduce it with the same steps.

You could try backing up your presets here: “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\FxSound\Presets”.

Then you could try “Reset presets to factory defaults” in the FxSound settings and see if that helps.

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I got it to work by using fewer words on the preset.

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P.S. I appreciate very much the efforts you folks have put into trying to help me.



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That’s a really neat trick, I’ll have to remember that.
You obviously know way more about computers than I do.

Awesome. Glad to hear it. :+1:

Think easy; an application needs to store settings somewhere since when it is shut down, all of its data is removed from RAM and lost which would force users doing settings again each time which wouldn’t make any sense. So, there needs to be a place where it is store. And due to Windows structure, it is mostly not the applications installation directory but the “AppData” path and beyond. Then, you just have to look for the applications or its developers name and see what is there; that’s all already.

However, we should work on FxSounds documentation when there are limits like a maximum amount of presets or naming conventions … or did i miss something? Also, a warning message surely would be appreciated to prevent this confusion in the future …

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