Problem with accessing FxSound Enhancer by clicking on its icon

I recently downloaded FXSound Enhancer and set it up to start with. It made significant improvement to my sound quality on videos. I wished to tweak it for better clarity, and found that I couldn’t access it by clicking in it’s icon. An Acer popup come up instead everytime I try. I know that I must contact Acer about this, but the only way to do this is by phone evidently. I’ll eventually get this done. However, I would like gto know if anybody else has had a similar problem, and if It is only an Acer issue. Thanks for any reply. Larry Boydston.

I can only speak for myself, but I have zero issues with the new version…
Smooth as butter.
Could you maybe add a printscreen of the problem?
Display the issue on your screen, press the “PrtSc” button, open Paint, Paste, and save the file.
Then add the image in your next post here.
Is it the icon in the task bar, or the one on the desktop, that you’re having problems with?
There are always multiple ways to open a program in Windows; for example, you can open any program simply by clicking the Windows button on the bottom left, and selecting the program there…

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I have a very similar problem. When I click on the icon, NOTHING happens. I have no way to get to the FX sound enhancer. HELP!! Len

See the big Windows button at the bottom left of your desktop?
Click it.
Now enter “FxSound” into the search bar.
This will take you to the program.
You can also right-click the icon you’re seeing and create a desktop shortcut, or a taskbar shortcut.
Another way to access it is by navigating to the Program Files folder; look for the FxSound folder, and double-click the program there.

Thanks, but none of these works. I think I’ll try deleting the program and reinstalling it. I don’t know what else to do. This doesn’t do me much good if I can’t get to the Enhancer!


Hello @bvijay,
Do you have any ideas on how to help this user?

Hi @larryb1, @drlstein,
Runtime exceptions when loading the application can cause issues like this.
Did any exception message pop-up when you try to open FxSound?
Can you try running FxSound as administrator?
To isolate the issue caused by any setting change, you can try renaming the folder FxSound under %APPDATA%. This will make FxSound to launch in factory default settings.

Can you provide us some information on your system configuration -
OS version, CPU, RAM and audio hardware.



Thanks for the suggestion. However, it suddenly started working yesterday. When I clicked on the icon, the FxSound enhancer came up.

Len Stein


Thanks Len Stein for the update. Good to hear that it works now.

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