Cannot open FX sound after reinstallation on reset computer

Something happened to my Windows 10 desktop computer which required a complete reset including low level formatting and reinstalltion of Windows 10 and all my programs. Before the reset FX Sound functioned as it was supposed to. Not any more.

I reinstalled FX Sound and initially it worked as it did before. However, once closed I cannot reopen the FX Sound program to AT ALL! I double click the icon in the task bar, in the start area, anywhere, IT WILL NOT OPEN- again, at all!!! It worked fine before and works fine on my laptop, but not on this new reset computer. I’ve installed, uninstalled several times with the same result.

What’s up with this???

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Have you already tried to fully uninstall FxSound with specialized full uninstaller software like IObit Uninstaller Free or BCUninstaller?

Vijay gave these instructions to a user experiencing similar issues:

@vindibona1: Please let us know whether or not these tips helped.
If not, we can undertake further troubleshooting steps, and I’ll call in some help.

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