FxSound doesn't start after installing it again

Today I decided to Download again FxSound because the other programs I had are free trials and I don’t want to pay for a app right now. I already had the FxSound Setup but I downloaded the setup again to see if there was some new updates.
When I finished downloading the program, the app didn’t open and I thought I needed to restart my PC, so I proceed to restart the computer, after that I tried to open the app again but still didn’t get any screen on the pc open.

Please anyone who has any answer or suggestion tell me and I will try it

Santiago Benitez.

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So you mean you ran the installer .exe and nothing happened?
Have you checked your Program Files folder for the presence of a map named FxSound LLC yet?
Your Sound Settings for the FxSound Speakers device?
And your Device Manager for the FxSound Audio Enhancer driver?
To run FxSound, you can run FxSound.exe located in:
C: > Program Files > FxSound LLC > FxSound