I can't re-open FX Sound from anywhere

I’ve been trying to open FX sound after initial installation and setup, to make changes, but Windows would not open it. The desktop Icon does nothing when double clicked, and right clicking it only gives you the install window. Going to the program file does the same. The Windows sound setting tab only allows you to enable/disable it. WHY?

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Can I first ask which versions of FxSound and Windows you’re running?
My standard troubleshooting list is bannered at the top of the forum.
Could you please describe which methods you’ve tried to open FxSound so far?
And have you tried: disabling the FxSound Speakers device in Windows Sound, restarting your computer, and then re-enabling the device?
Ah, I see you’ve edited your post…

If I could open it , I might be able to tell you which version, but I can’t. I downloaded it for the first time yesterday, so I suppose it’s the latest version. I have Windows 10 Home Edition.

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OK,… Found it,… it’s in my Hidden Icons window in the task bar,… thanks anyway!

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Could you please try:

Ah - okay!
Glad to hear you got it running. :+1: