My fxsound seem missing something

A few days ago, my fxsound somehow lost some things(basically all the settings and some presets). I have updated the driver before and have not conducted any other special activities. I need to restart to restore them. I tried reinstalling it, but it still seems to be of no use.Fxsound is set by me to boot automatically

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Good afternoon Vijay,
Something strange going on with the settings, they’re simply disappearing.
I’ve never seen anything like this before.
Could you please assist?
Thank you.

This is a quick link to my standard troubleshooting list; the first tip I would recommend trying is running FxSound as Administrator.
Here’s another tip you could try.
The first thing you’ll need to do in order to be able to perform it, is click on to Tools > Folder Options > View in the menu bar on top, and enable “Show hidden files, folders, and drives.”
Either way, if it doesn’t work, you can simply change the folder name back to the previous one.
However, please note that this will probably erase all your custom-made presets, as well as all the bonus presets you’ve loaded in.

Thanks,i will try it.

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Okay, and let me know what happens.
If it’s not fixed, we’ll search for other options.

OK,I sloved this question.(IAfter deleting and reinstalling appdata, I placed its shortcut in the sC: /Users /XXXX /AppData/ Roaming /Microsoft/ Windows /Start Menu /Programs /Startup folder, and it displayed normally. )But I encountered a new problem - it will open the main interface of the software after booting, unlike before it can minimize booting.


Okay, that’s some progress, at least.
Were your presets deleted?

First tip to address the minimize issue:
Do you have the latest version?
It’s v1.1.19.0, available on of course.

Second tip:

Third tip: