All Presets deleted, even the defaults

When I opened the FxSound software today, I saw that there were no presets, not even the default presets. Is there anyone who can help with this problem?

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That’s weird, never heard of that happening before.
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?
It should be easy and it should fix your problem.

Thanks for the answer. I downloaded and imported the preset files from the site. It seems normal for now, I think when I turn the computer off and on again, all the settings will be deleted as I explained. I gave the computer to the repairman, when I went back 5 years from Google Maps, I saw that the main job was watchmaking. It deleted 300GB of data I had accumulated over 15 years. Already since then I started getting ridiculous errors. For example, while watching a movie, the sound suddenly became Mono.

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That sucks.
In any case, it looks like it’s quite clear who’s responsible for the errors then.

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@UtkuGARIP: Would you like me to call in @TiM to give you some advice?
He knows much more about computers than I do.
Or are you satisfied and can I just close this thread?
Let me know.

I guess in this case the best and only advise which still makes sense is: back up all your data and install Windows from scratch!

Even if you are inexperienced, a Windows installation is not that hard to do since it only asks you a few common things. Only thing which you should closely look at is the selection of the drive you want to install to in the beginning.

With such an unclear basis and obviously messed up system, you will get errors and issues all over without a chance to really find out what is happening. And instead of tracking all the small issues it is strongly suggested to instead go for the big one and solve them all at once. Also, it makes troubleshooting much harder under that conditions.

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Thank you for your input, @TiM. :+1:
Computers, what an invention, huh?