Get sound boost but can't see FxSound window or see Equaliser to adjust. Help!

I have downooaded and installed seemingly O.K. and I have the icon on my desktop. The sound is bosted O.K. but when I click on the icon it doesn’t present a window on my screen so I can adjust the equaliser settings. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Hi David,
You could try clicking the Windows button bottom left, search for FxSound simply by typing its name into the dialog box, and open it that way; or, you could look for the FxSound folder on your computer’s hard drive (C:), under Programs, and open it directly from its folder - and, when it opens, you could create a Taskbar shortcut for it (a.k.a. “pin” it to your Taskbar) by right-clicking the icon there, for easy future access?
Or do those methods also fail to work?
Let me know.
But please also note, that I will be hitting the proverbial hay very soon, in order to get the 8 hours of sleep all humans need.

Hi doolhoofd,

Thank you for your response.

I have solved the issue but in a different way – I rebooted my PC and it all burst into life, so happy now.



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