FxSound is now free and unrestricted

In case you missed it, we’ve just recently made FxSound 100% free and unrestricted for everyone. If you’re using DFX or an older version of FxSound (even if you were a FxSound Pro subscriber) you’ll want to update to this new version to avoid any login issues that might later arise.

Download the new version for free.

To all our users, customers, and supporters we want to sincerely thank you. We’ve been working on making great sound accessible to all for over 20 years and we couldn’t have done that without your help and support.

We’ve made FxSound free because FxSound should be free. If we want to make better sound available to all then FxSound needs to be free.

We have some financial resources set aside to help with this transition, but in order to support, maintain, and improve FxSound for the long-term we’ll need your help.

If you have the means and you want to support the FxSound team and contribute to our mission to make amazing sound available to all, please donate today .

If you can’t afford to or don’t feel inclined to donate (especially if you’ve already supported us by buying our software in the past), please feel no pressure to.

Let us know if you have any questions! Thanks again for sticking with us. We’re really excited about this new change, and we hope you are too.

If you had an active FxSound Pro subscription it has been cancelled. So you’ll want to update to the new version to retain access to all features. If you subscribed within 7 days of 1/12/22 you’ll be refunded shortly.


Thank you FX-Sound team! I discovered this great software almost 10 years ago and have been using it (and supporting) ever since. I’m honored to not only use this program but to be part of the evolution of this software. I look forward to see this project evolve even further.


It was this software that I felt for the first time that it was not a waste to pay and use. I would like to donate for more presets. Thank you always.


Glad to hear it! What kind of new presets would you like to see?

this really did shock the hell out of me, i don’t know why, but this is AWESOME!!! and thank you very much and i do plan on donating soon after i get bills paid first.
i hope this continues to be great as i personally have tested many audio software’s like this, and this one hands down does the best job especially for that “dynamic boost” which is the MAIN reason i even found and used this software.
keep up it guy’s!!!


Thanks for the love! I appreciate the thought on donating but unless you have more than enough to spare keep your money :smile:


your welcome. well, i’ll try to none the less, but i’ll also try to help with bugs and such also in the meantime.

also, the other reason i even started installing this, is because it does a WAY better job of separating the system audio from everything else compared to voicemeeter so for my streaming setup this is one of my main programs in my arsenal for that and i hope that never changes cause trying to get other software to pass through and separate does not do it very well or low quality or there is delay.

Hello, I appreciate your kind decision to make it free and accessible to everyone. You could also support receiving cryptocurrencies as donation (PayPal is not available everywhere)


You should make fxsound available on microsoft store, all other sound enhancement app sucks there… :smiley:


Thank you James for this change!
I’ve used it for years formerly “DFX Sound”, and I loved it so much.
This was one of the first things I install after a fresh Windows.

I will help with bug and testing.
Thank you again. You are a man with a value in life!


Thanks! I’ve been using fxsound for many years, and I really have appreciated how it has improved the sound on some of my PCs that had ‘less than optimal’ sound hardware! Being able to get the software free is GREAT, but, having said that…

Would ads be really all that bad (in addition to donations from generous users)? Most of us are actually pretty used to ads now, since they are literally everywhere. And, if have a few would help support the software (and more importantly, the programmers and staff) then it might be a resource to consider. Especially if the ads target sound-specific items and services, like hardware, accessories, game enhancement, etc.

(Note: I have donated twice since the software became free, and I will again in the future.)

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Thanks for your support and the question! I agree that ads in general are everywhere, but not so much within free Windows apps. And even if they are everywhere, that doesn’t mean they don’t make for a bad user experience :stuck_out_tongue:


I just got the little pop-up notice on my DFX 12 about “fxsound” being free. And from looking around the website and comments, apparently DFX will no longer be upgraded and the free fxsound.exe is the new upgrade path.
It would have been nice for the pop-up message to make this more clear to DFX users… that the upgrade name is different and that “fxsound” is the new app path for DFX.
The few screenshots that I’ve seen of fxsound make it look a lot different from DFX’s user interface. I guess if fxsound is too different, I can uninstall it and reinstall my DFX 12… but I like to keep up-to-date on this software especially. I will install it to see what it looks like.
Thanks for the years of excellent sound enhancement with DFX.
I will share the news about fxsound.exe with FB friends.

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thanks james… i am active user since dfx was born… i used to to have it with winamp plugin…

i would love to have an minimal ‘tiny’ interface since i use 1024x768 res

hugs from brazil

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First of all, thank you for giving us the voice we’ve wanted for years.

I like the new and free verison of the FxSound.

My first impressions:

  • Looks great!
  • Easy to use
  • FxSound is not running in the background, I guess**
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This is great news.
I love the new version.
Many thanks!

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Sorry to hear that FxSound isn’t running in the background. What happens when you click the x button on the app? Does it close completely or hide in the task tray? It should be doing the latter.

no work in in7 64 bits

Best news ever (or at least for a while)! :wink:

You know … i really do understand that people earn their living. That said, i normally use free/open source applications and do support the projects i like with bug reports, suggestions, translations, sometimes even graphical stuff. I also do buy a good software and support it the same way. However, subscriptions are the point where i have to reject. A very good example how this can go wrong is Adobe.

Now, i was watching the status of the FxSound project over the last time and all the changes in the monetization form looked not like good news. Thankfully, this was NOT the end so far as @james promised in his announcement! :slight_smile:

Having an open platform to discuss and support with this forum now should be just the right way to gather forces and see how we can manage this in the future together. As for me, i will participate and help where i can.