Suggestion: Allow to adjust lower frequencies

I would love to see FxSound allow to adjust lower frequencies than 88Hz. Personally my headphones have absolutely zero bass and I really don’t wanna use the built-in Windows EQ since it takes forever to get into it and disable it whenever I have to record something in OBS but the advantages of it is that it delivers better bass due to allowing to adjust frequencies as low as 50-60Hz however the advantage of FxSound is that I can access it super quickly and it creates a virtual audio device where the EQ is applied while the Windows EQ applies for the audio device that is currently selected.

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Indeed, this is a common request.
I added your desires to the existing thread on that topic (which you can now find linked underneath your opening post).
Thank you for the feedback.

In the meanwhile, for recording purposes, you could perhaps try,

EqualizerAPO, VoiceMeeter, and VoiceMeeter Banana are completely free to download and install, but the Potato version only comes as a 30-day trial.
The point is: I’m pretty sure they all offer the advanced EQ options you’re looking for (see printscreen below), ànd, providing your computer is powerful enough, they should be compatible with FxSound as well.
The downside to the VoiceMeeter software is that it’s quite tricky and complicated to get set up properly - but you can find all the info on their website, and once you’ve got it running, it does work flawlessly.
(By the way, please don’t ask me what the differences are between the three VoiceMeeter versions, because I honestly have no idea! :smile: I simply picked the Banana version for my laptop, and it did what I wanted it to do…)
This is a link to the documentation on EqualizerAPO,
this is a link to the VoiceMeeter manual,
this is a link to the VoiceMeeter Banana manual,
this is a link to the VoiceMeeter Potato manual,
and we also have a thread here on our forum where one of our users, @IrONHEad, was kind enough to summarize the setup process in a nutshell:


id say down to 20 Hz as I can reproduce sound at that level which is weird to feel not hear something. My Alesis Eq has a 25 Hz Adjuster I believe I actually have it packed up at the moment as I needed to do the yearly maintenance on the Mixer as well as all 3 amps as they collect a ton of cat hair, dust etc in the fan and the cooling tunnels.

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