EQ Editing on mp3

i think it would be a awesome idea if fxsound can not only work on real time audio, also works on saved audio file. Since it doesn’t have to care about delay while on file-processing mode, i think it would also have even better audio quality compare to real time audio enhancement.

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I had this idea a while back as well. To be able to run a file through FxSound’s processing and to be able to save the result, so you can play it on devices where FxSound is not installed. It would probably take a lot of programming though, and most of such editing can already be done in Audacity, another great freeware program, in a very similar way. It also has an excellent EQ, amplification options, and special treble and bass enhancement options, but, no way to improve “Surround Sound” settings.

You can install VoiceMeeter from VB-Audio VoiceMeeter… There are 3 versions; Voicemeeter, Voicemeeter Banana (the version I use), and Voicemeeter Potato. Find out more about them on their web site. Connect media player to FxSound, FxSound to VoiceMeeter’s virtual input, and your recording app to one of VoiceMeeter’s virtual outputs…start your player, start recording your processed file in any format you chose…DONE! You now have an audio file processed by FxSound that can be played on any device! You’re welcome! :wink:

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That’s awesome.
Thanks for sharing! :grin: