Apply on input device?

My voice sounds great when im listening it with enabled FxSound.
Is there way to apply fxsound on input device?
It would be great tool to improve the sound of the voice.

It would attract more users to the program (musicians, film voice over artists, YouTubers, streamers, and so on).

I know that development has been ceased, but maybe developers will like this idea - or at least there will be a way to do it using another program which could simulate a microphone driver by passing sound through mic > fxsound > virtual mic.

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I noticed that there is a virtual audio input from fx sound in the sound settings.
what it is can do? can I somehow use this to the realization of my idea?

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I don’t know if this exactly what you mean, but there is a way to record audio processed through FxSound, using another free program called VoiceMeeter (Banana).
See this thread:

The specified device does not work that way. It looks like this device can’t be used at all, ie. exists only for internal purposes.

Use audio capture from the output device. For example, OBS has such the feature.

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Glad someone around here knows his stuff.
Thanks again, @Dolmatov.