Record Leveling (User request for an option to save custom settings for each audio file)

hi guys! i wish you can include an attached command so my mp3 songs keep my designed eq´s to save within. i think it’s all your prog needs

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Thank you for your feedback.
To be completely honest, I do not think a function like that is in the pipelines at the moment.

Hmmm … i am not sure, but didn’t we had a similar request already? Was it from me? :smiley: Not sure …

As i understand it, you are asking for some feature to tie a specific profile/EQ setting to specific songs, right?

This is not that easy to accomplish since there is some kind of database needed to save the information of which should be used with what as this is not something like meta data which can be saved inside the audio files themself.

However, this is not uninteresting since it could give some handy features. But as doolhoofd said already, this will not come shortly (or even at all). On the other hand, bringing in interesting ideas and arguments and more people asking for it would surely help getting some fire under that cauldron … :wink:

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Ah, yes!
TiM’s post reminded me that what you can do, is edit your files with VoiceMeeter!