Any way to get EQ at frequencies lower than 86hz?

Is there a way the get bass adjustments below 86hz ? I have an Infinity Kappa Perfect 12Dvq. So it would be great to be able to adjust lower frequencies.
Would also be nice to have more info on the present adjustments (Equaliser Q slope for example, dynamic boost, bass boost info also).

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Good afternoon Francois,

Asked multiple times before and added to the GitHub Issues Tracker last December,

This is all I know:

ok thanks :slight_smile:
Q of 1.5, so that means that the boost/cut at 86hz goes from ~ 25hz to ~200hz. That explains the ‘boominess’. Hopefully they add another one adjustable from ~20-60hz. i wanted to add a few db’s around 30hz.

As for the surround sound adjustment. It seems like it boosts the signals that are 180 out of phase. Just like the first Dolby pro logic rear signal.

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I just found out the Bass Boost Effect works at 62,5 Hz (by opening a Preset .fac file in WordPad).