Setting up with VoiceMeeter

Is there any option to setup FxSound with Voicemeeter Banana ?

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Hi Letsnaruto,
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User “IrONHEad” mentioned that exact thing in the second reply in this thread:

Hi doolhoofd,
Thanks for sending me this thread :slight_smile: . I tried it out but i think i still doing something wrong because nothing change on my playback of my spotify and i dont understand what he mean with “Connect media player to FxSound”. Do u know what he mean ? :sweat_smile:

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Wait, let’s go back one step.
Tell me what you’re trying to accomplish first.

I would like to setup FxSound with all of my audio lines on Voicemeeter. I tried it to setup it as A1 and A2 in Voicemeeter but this doesnt work so i tried it to selcet the line in FxSound but this doesnt work too. The last method that i try was that i change the in and output with the sound settings from windows and with EarTrumpet but this doesnt work too.

VoiceMeeter is a piece of software that I’ve never used.
I can help you with some aspects of FxSound, but not with VoiceMeeter.
They have their own forum, you can find it linked below.
I’ll leave this thread open, and with a bit of luck, maybe someone else on this forum will answer your question…

Ok i try it too in the forum from voicemeeter. Anyway thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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@IrONHEad: You seem to know this program, if you can spare a minute, maybe you can help?

I’ll do my best! :slight_smile: When you install VoiceMeeter, it will control all audio going in and out of the system; all outputs from all player apps MUST connect to FxSound’s input, FxSound’s output MUST be connected to VoiceMeeter’s VAIO input. A1 and A2 are outputs for your audio hardware (sound cards, etc.) B1 and B2 are virtual outputs for audio recording apps or virtual audio cables (VB-Audio has a free one, check it out) for special applications. When I said “Connect media player to FxSound”, I meant software media players, sorry about that! :wink:

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Ah ok, now its working. Thanks for the help i really appreciate it <3


Thanks, IrONHEad! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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