Audio balance in right and left headphone sides

when I am not using the fxsound app I can balance the audio in right and left headphones sides through control panel but since I started the fxsound system that option is no longer there. Is there anyone who can tell me how I can balance in both my ears through fxsound

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Hello Saad,
Welcome to the forum; sorry for your trouble.
If you’re using Chrome, you could add this extension to control the stereo spread; if you’re using Firefox, you could add this one (the same extension for a different browser).
EarTrumpet has been mentioned before as a top app to control volume, but I don’t know if it offers panning options (perhaps @gidano could answer that question?).
I know for a fact that the free WinAmp Media Player has a panning slider integrated into the main panel, and I’m sure there are many other media players out there that are free and have similar options as well; just search for something along the lines of “free media players for Windows.”
I’m also quite sure VoiceMeeter can enable panning control as well - if you can figure out how to get it working, that is…
You can find the instructions for setting up FxSound with VoiceMeeter in the thread linked at the bottom of my post.
Other options you could try, are e.g. EqualizerApo combined with a simple VST plugin (free), or the Neutron app for Windows (paid).
FxSound’s owner @james has already offered his apologies for this unintended bug, as well as the intention of fixing it in future releases - so keep an eye out for those.