FxSound / Studio One setup problems

Having problems getting FxSound to work with PreSonus Studio One on a new Windows 11 machines. The input and output are through a PreSonus USB 96 DAW. When FxSound installs the output options on the control panel are inaccessible. The window “stutters” and I am unable to select a device to correct the settings.

Had this same problem on an older computer and no clue how I fixed it.

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Hi Tae,

Well, this seems pretty logical, since PreSonus is a professional studio mixing tool, and FxSound was intended as a basic standalone booster for simple audio streams.
We’ve had some previous threads of people complaining about, and amazed at the fact that, FxSound doesn’t work in conjunction with their professional music production tools…
I’d guess that the complexity of PreSonus is just too much for FxSound to handle.
Anyway, this is a quick link to my first-aid-kit list in case you’d like to run some basic troubleshooting checks nonetheless.

Also, there are alternative audio enhancers available (APO is probably the most hard core):


Removed both Studio One and Universal Control, and re-installed FxSound. It appears FxSound gets hung between the system default audio drivers and the PreSonus USB 96 DAW drivers. I believe what I did on the other machine to keep the FxSound presets for playback only is disable all audio drivers except for the DAW. Am away from that machine and

… and installed Peace as recommended. This certainly fills my needs and works with Studio One / Universal Control installed. These two programs are in place only to configure latency as all my work is done on Win native video / Zoom.

Thank you. I /really/ like FxSound tho :smiley:

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Nice! :+1:

FxSound’s simplicity is its greatest strength, but also one of its greatest weaknesses (when it comes to multi-channel processing and such).

Glad you like Peace/APO.
A lesser-known fact, is that it also supports (some) VST plugins, like Infected Mushroom’s Wider

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