FxSound ruins THX Spatial

Just bought a Razer Kraken V3 Pro headphones, which feature 7.1 THX Spatial audio, and although FxSound works ok with the ‘THX Spatial Audio’ sound device, recognizes the 7.1 speakers

and puts itself in the 7.1 speaker configuration…

the side and rear speakers sound exactly the same. So the “spatial” effect is lost.

Without FxSound, the side and rear speakers sound clearly different. This is easily tested in the THX control panel.

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Good evening Milincho,
On behalf of the team, my apologies for the trouble.
Some users report FxSound working fine with their surround setup, while others report problems.
This is just a (more-or-less educated) guess, but I’m guessing FxSound (and in particular the Surround effect) was created for 2.0 or 2.1 setups, and not with 5.1 and/or 7.1 setups in mind.
I’ve added your report to the existing thread on surround sound, which you can now find linked at the bottom of your post; so far, two solutions worth trying have been shared there by users who experienced similar issues:

Please let me know if these help.
I will also make sure to mention your report during the next team consultation.

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Setting audio to Mono is not even an option, and there is no 24/96 option.
The setting is already at the highest possible: 16/48

and FxSound at 24/48

If FxSound was created only for 2.0 or 2.1, then why there is 5.1 and 7.1 speaker setups??

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Honestly, I do not know.
But I’ve forwarded the issue to the team, and can confirm to you that they are currently investigating it.

Please note, that the settings you marked to be activated - Exclusive Mode & Signal Enhancements - are two main causes of problems when used in conjunction with FxSound, which I always recommend all users to deactivate for all devices in my basic “first-aid kit” list of settings to check.
(And by the way, yes, FxSound will still work even with all Enhancements switched off.)
One example (of many):

Could you please try disabling those settings, and post back with your results?

@Milincho FxSound doesn’t tend to play nicely with other apps that also use the Windows audio drivers. On top of this we’ve also had some issues with 5.1 and 7.1 systems.

I’m sorry to say that this issue is too complex and too limited in scope for our small team to address.


Pity, FxSound packs a lot more ‘punch’, specially when music is playing in movie/show scenes, but the spatial effect is totally lost and some voices sound weird.
Will have to restrict the FxSound use to the 5.1 Realtek Digital output. There it works great, even when I’m using patched drivers with Dolby Digital support and the Dolby Profile effects and EQ along FxSound.