New to FXSound: Just a couple of questions!

Hey guys,

I just installed FXSound, mainly interested in its surround capabilities (I use headphones). I used to use Dolby Atmos but not many games support it. I wanted something a bit more “universal”.

So I have a few questions!

-In Windows sound settings > Configuration. Do I need to choose “5.1” or “7.1” or should I leave it on FXSound default Stereo setting? For some reason, I cannot test the 5.1 or 7.1 option, it always tells me that “something is using this audio device”. Stereo setting can be tested without issue.

-Is the Surround sound effect “3D” (spatial), or just regular surround (horizontal plane)?

-How does said effect compare to Boom3D? I’ve tried both and Boom3D seems to have a bit too much reverb, but I’d like the opinions of others!

-If I lower all effects and equalizer settings to 0, will that give me “unadulterated” sound? Except for the aforementioned Surround effect, I don’t want to alter the sound signature. (My Audio device/headphones are already individually tuned through Equalizer APO)

-Lastly: For games that DO support Atmos. Can I use both FXSound and Atmos at the same time? And if so, would I enable Atmos on FXSound, or on my output device?

In case it matters, my audio setup is:

JDS Labs Element II DAC+AMP
Dan Clark Audio Aeon RT (Closed)

Thank you very much in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi-Lo Aelemar,

I’m not part of the team, but I’ll try to answer some of your questions anyway.

It seems silly to use 5.1 or 7.1 settings while wearing headphones. Your setup is not configured that way.

My best guess is, horizontal.

No idea, I’ve never tried Boom3D and I can’t try it either way since I’m still running Windows 7.

I’ve noticed that FxSound’s Surround effect boosts the treble a bit. Other than that, if you don’t activate any of the other effects, your sound will remain neutral.

No idea.