FxSound Crashes when switching outputs

Thanks for the heads up! But, I’m wondering how to download the older version in the first place. Since the only download-related button in the changelog is just one for the newest version.

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I included a link in my post for that purpose:

Guess I apparently never “saw” that link in there. That’s my fault.

I’m just not understanding though where I would go to download the older version(s). I can see the version changes but that’s just about it. Is there something I’m forgetting here?

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Good point - touché! :sweat_smile:
That’s my mistake, sorry 'bout that.
I’ll do my best to find another site that actually has them.

NeoWin dot com has

All the other versions I’ve tried there refused to download though…

All of these are valid and free downloads.
Ignore the first numberless one, it’s the same as the second one, v1.1.19.0.

Thanks for the links! Though unfortunately, that still somehow hasn’t fixed my issue. I’ve downloaded both the .18 and .17 versions and even went down to the .14 version, all of which still experience the same issue. Is there anything else I can try to fix this?

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@Superspeeder’s issue is still present, so I was hoping you might have some more troubleshooting suggestions…
Thank you.

Ok, so I wanna give what might be a long, but interesting update on my issue.

So I somehow managed to accidentally but not accidentally fix the crashing issue. All I did was click the red power button in the application before switching outputs. After I did so, I turned it back on and it was running perfectly fine. It did crash after switching to another output device after the power button thing, but after I re-loaded FxSound, I was able to switch through outputs with the button on just as I normally have before the whole crash situation arose.

I did however roll back to v1.1.17.0. But that’s just because my audio sounds quieter on the newer version than it does on the old one. For example, my audio at 20% volume is louder on 1.1.17 than it is at 20% on 1.1.19. And that’s just the way I was used to it. I may move up to 1.1.18 if it works the same as 1.1.17. But otherwise, I can just stick with 1.1.17 until another update and try upgrading then.

I’ll just have to hope this isn’t a temporary thing and that it will be permanent this time.

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Weird, and thanks for letting us know.

Glad you found a fix, for now; but could I kindly ask you to share a list of the audio devices you are using?
I figured, since the problem only occurs when switching devices, there might be a more elegant solution here that we’re simply overlooking.

So another update with that fix: The fix I had kinda works on and off. Yesterday after doing my fix the application worked fine. But today, the crashes still occur, and doing the fix is kind of a hit or miss with whether or not it crashes. Anyway, here’s that list:
Screenshot 2023-07-21 125929

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James did mention that,

I installed VoiceMeeter Banana a while ago, and started getting weird errors.
So I ended up disabling the VoiceMeeter devices in the Sound control panel.
I would similarly suggest disabling any and all sound devices (audio ànd recording, and hidden ones as well) that you never, or hardly ever, use or need.
Of course, your priorities are completely up to you to decide; but in this case, and lacking other troubleshooting options, I’d say temporarily disabling the devices you can do without during most of the time you use your computer, seems like the smartest precaution to take, if you want to avoid errors while enhancing audio with FxSound.

So I decided to just uninstall VoiceMeeter since I never really used it much lately, and just to be on the safe side of things. And I have disabled as many audio devices as I could in the device manager.

However, the issue seems to still be persistent. Though it seems like another work-around to the issue I found is that immediately when it crashes I just re-open the app and switch my output as soon as the tab pops up. If it keeps crashing, I just repeat until it doesn’t.

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Apologies on behalf of the team for this weird, annoying, and obviously unintended bug.
Hopefully another future poster will be able to add some useful advice.

Hi @Superspeeder,
If you can collect the crash dump for the latest version of FxSound (, we can try to debug and find the rootcause.
You can follow the steps given in this link to collect the crash dump for FxSound.exe Collecting User-Mode Dumps - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

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Gonna be honest here, I’m not quite understanding the directions being given in the Microsoft Learn link you sent, so I looked up how to collect user-mode dumps and found a video where it shows how to get them through the task manager. Hope this is technically what you need, otherwise, let me know.


Hi @Superspeeder
The application crash dumps that you have shared look fine.
Thank you for taking the trouble in collecting the dumps and sharing it.
I am able to load the dumps in my development environment and see the call stack. I will do more analysis on the crash dump to identify the cause and get back with the fix.
Thank you!


Hi @Superspeeder
There was a crash reported from another forum member and the crash pointed us to audio device list and audio output device selected in FxSound. In order to find out if the crashes are similar, we need some details on the audio devices in your PC and the device selected in FxSound.

When you encounter a crash, can you please share the file %APPDATA%\FxSound\FxSound.settings
and the output of the following powershell script.

Get-CimInstance Win32_PnPEntity | Where-Object { $_.ClassGuid -eq '{c166523c-fe0c-4a94-a586-f1a80cfbbf3e}' } | ForEach-Object {
    $deviceName = $_.Name
    $deviceGUID = $_.PNPDeviceID -match '({.*})' | ForEach-Object { $matches[1] }
        Name = $deviceName
        PKEY_AudioEndpoint_GUID = $deviceGUID
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The FxSound Settings file is in the same Google Drive folder I had replied with previously for the crash dumps. And here’s a screenshot of the output I received putting in the powershell script.

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