FXSound crashes when I change my output device

I an using FXSound, but realised i’m using the wrong output device, meaning my quality is much lower. However when I go to change it, FXSound crashes, and I cannot change it. Any way to fix this?

Hi kishinn,
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Have you already tried to fully uninstall FxSound with specialized complete uninstaller software like IObit Uninstaller Free or BCUninstaller, and then reinstalling?

Oh yeah.
Another thing I’d recommend you to do, is disable all Playback devices and Recording devices you are not using, including the hidden ones.

@kishinn: Can you describe the output device you wish to use more detailed? Also, in what way does FxSound crash? Your opening post is very vague.

@bvijay: Can you provide further assistance to this user please? Thanks.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling did allow me to change the output device to what I wanted. Thank you for the help!

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Happy to hear it. :smiley: :+1: