Changing Device Playback Bug

Hi, I really love this tool and i use it a lot but Im having a problem with changing my playback device in FxSound when i change it it changes the whole default playback device and i can change the playback device even when FxSound is running and it works only if i change it back to the FxSound playback from windows it self then it changes back to the default output device that it was chosen in first its ridiculous how its getting and i cant use any other equalizers cause yours is the best I’ve ever used.

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This is how the Windows sound system works and it would be a big task to reverse it.

I have SteelSeries GG installed in parallel and there the sound driver is more thought out:

  1. The program warns when you select another device in Windows, and does not close;
  2. The program “turns off” the device (its availability) when exiting the program, which eliminates the well-known fxsound bug with device activity when the program is closed.
    The program itself is quite “heavy”, and the choice of adjusting the sound parameters is different, so I do not consider it the main solution.
    All the differences do not see the point of writing. Better to compare yourself.
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Okay, that’s annoying indeed.
Would’ve been nice if you had used some interpunction, because this way your post is quite confusing to read.
Just to check: you do have FxSound set up as the default communication device, right?
I read somewhere that you can set the FxSound device as both default device ànd default communication device, but I forget where I read that, and I haven’t tried it for myself yet.