Neat app BUT... I am uninstalling

It’s a neat app but I am uninstalling, these are the reasons and my recommendations:
I have read different posts in this forum and there are not apparent solutions. I am using Windows 10

  1. Audio from video or Spotify stops when computer monitor turns off, it stutters with players like winamp. I want the audio to continue playing regardless of the state of the monitor.
  2. Annoying pop up notifications keep showing up even if I disable them over and over.
  3. It would be nice to have the option to ignore certain playback devices so the EQ doesn’t affect them or to get individual EQ settings per each audio playback device.

Thank you but I am not using it until these things are addressed, I will be following though.

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Good evening Jon,
Of course, no one is forcing you to use this free software, and you’re always at liberty to switch to another audio enhancer:

Many thanks to @Tarek_Hasan for sharing.

Your above points have been duly noted.
Now, please allow me to offer a reply to them one by one.

Please refer to this thread for all info on the sleep mode issue.

I use WinAmp, VLC, and Windows Media Player on a pretty old system, and seldom experience any glitches. LatencyMon can help you identify the cause of your stutter issue, and perhaps carefully adjusting your Power settings could help as well.

What kind of notifications are you getting? I am using v1.1.20.0 available from, and never get any notifications except for the regular ones indicating device selection…
Apologies in case I’m restating the obvious, because you might have already tried this, but you can find the instructions on how to disable notifications from any app on Windows 10 in this article by Microsoft Support.
That being said, it is admittedly true that there have already been a couple of threads about persistent notifications, like this one, for example (scroll down to the posts made by @Dolmatov and @bvijay for further insights), so this is indeed a known issue.

This is a popular request, so I added yours to the existing thread on this topic (you can find it linked underneath your opening post at the top of this thread).

I read a bunch of threads like the one you shared, none of them help. I did try fxsound for a while and tried different workarounds, I am on a fresh installation of the latest windows 10 version now and the problems are exactly the same.

The notifications appear, when I start windows, when I switch off fxsound, when I change playback device, I think also when changing eq settings, all of this using the shortcuts. I disable them everytime but then after a reboot they all are back.

As soon I uninstall fxsounds, the music and videos plays nicely without interruptions or stuttering when the screen turns off. I am using a DP cable.

I also like the feature this app has that allows me to swtich playback devices easily with the shortcuts, but I found one that is called Soundswitch that does the same thing and it also works with input devices, it doesn’t have an eq though.

Thanks, I am watching

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point 2 i can confirm, but not point 1.

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Please clarify. Issue 1.

'Audio … stops when computer monitor turns off"
What is the audio output device in use? Is it monitor powered speakers? If yes, enable option to switch “newly connected” audio out, assuming you have a second audio out.

“it stutters with players like winamp”
Stutters under what condition?

I have used this software for 20 years and cannot reproduce the reported affects on a correctly configured platform.

edit: what is your monitor model number? Confirm that you have correctly matched cables in use between PC and monitor.

Check Device Manager. What is the string name of your monitor? We are checking for proper transfer of EDID from the monitor to the PC.

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First, I want to clarify that this ONLY happens when Fxsound is installed. This is a fresh Windows 10 installation, and it was also happening before I reinstalled the OS.

Here is a detailed description of the situation:

It happens with audio playing from any video player online that I have used so far (youtuve, rumble, odysee, etc.) and Spotify. So the audio is playing, and let’s say the energy settings are set to turn the monitor off after 5 minutes, or, I manually turn off the monitor for whatever reason. It’s like the computer thinks that it’s going into sleep mode or something, and the audio automatically pauses. In the case of Winamp which is a local player, the audio doesn’t pause, it stutters for a second and then continues to play. Then if I turn on the monitor by either pushing the on/off button (in case I turned it off manually), or if I just move the mouse or push the keyboard, the monitor image comes back and I can see the audio is paused. Sometimes it continues playing after some seconds, other times I have to click on play for it to continue, it depends on the player or site I think. In the case of Winamp, when the monitor is turned back on, the audio stutters again for a few seconds.

  • This happens with any output device, studio monitors, regular speakers, regular earbuds, usb headset, front of case, back of case (makes no difference).
  • I don’t know which is exactly the string name. But I have a Dell Ultrasharp U2413, I am using the DP (display port) cable connected to an Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card).
  • Again, this only happens with FXsound installed. Since I uninstalled FXsound, the problem disapeared, then I installed a bunch of software including an app that switches playback devices called Soundswitch, and no problems at all.
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Yes. I recognize that problem and I solved it in a similar way. Before we get into that - you can read the EDID string from your monitor in Device Manager. The brand/model name is either there or not there. The question is for my own research and probably does not have any bearing here.

I found a method with the fewest clicks to recover audio under these conditions and I am certain that it is posted on this forum. I do not recall the method - but I think I cycled bluetooth on/off (forcing a poll of new devices). I have a brain injury and will forget what I am looking for if I attempt to link you to my prior work. I don’t do much here and it should be easy to find, mod.

Also, “DP cable” does not mean anything. Confirm correct DP cable type is in use. Sometimes, the ‘issue’ is on the other end of the cable.

I do not see a software issue here. I see a power state issue. That’s the “stutter” and the OS sees no power to an audio port. I am almost always wrong :wink:


also, for the record only, except for casual readers -
An HDMI to DP cable, cable adapter, expander, splitter, wondermajig, whatever - most definitely is not a DP cable.

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:grin: Was it… this one?

:thinking: Was it this? (Just a simple copy-paste from the thread I linked in the beginning…)

That sounds like me. I am experiencing cognitive impairment. If I am not looking at it, it does not exist. Kinda.

I am certain this is a power issue related to the DP cable or the DP port and sleep states.

I had the same problem on multiple Windows installs… It may or may not have self-resolved with OS and app updates. I took no action but I have replaced monitor and cable and both are rated and matched correctly.

And I lied when I said I took no action. I changed no OS or app settings. I have played with BIOS power settings.

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