New beta release v1.1.23.0

We have released a new beta version v1.1.23.0 at beta v1.1.23.0

The features available in this release are,

  1. Support for mono playback devices. Mono devices can be selected now, but FxSound does not process mono audio.
  2. Minimize button added to minimize FxSound to taskbar
  3. A preferred device can be selected from settings.
  4. Check for updates in settings, updates to a new version
  5. Croatian and Bosnian language support added.
  6. Translation corrections and improvements in Chinese, Spanish, Russian and German

App crash.
Open and close the settings windows (without changes), press the power button (on/off).
On/Off without open settings - app worked.


Thanks @Dolmatov for testing this version. I have found the root cause for the crash. Will release the update soon.


I have fixed the crashes and released a new version v1.1.24.0 as beta. The link is the same.


Hello Bvijay,

First I would like to tell you that FxSound is one of the best programs that exist for PC. You really do improve the performance of thousands or tens of thousands of PCs around the world, transforming their sound and allowing them to really be “heard.” This is a tremendous contribution for thousands of users around the world. You IMPROVE the performance of thousands of PCs, and this is very valuable. I congratulate you. FxSound is truly a marvel.

Along with the above, I tell you that I am a user who uses FxSound a lot, and it has always helped me a lot. However, I happen to have a problem that is annoying. While when I listen to music or videos, FxSound works perfectly for me, when “sudden” PC notifications sound, these notifications sound cut. I care about the subject, because I use a lot of notifications, because I also use RoboTask a lot to do various things related to my profession, and everything that RoboTask does delivers a notification, and I don’t need to “look” at my PC. Although this may not seem so serious, over the months the cuts become annoying. I have cuts in the notifications that RoboTask triggers and I also have cuts in the notifications that Windows triggers.

I know that other users have reported this same thing (audio cuts), and I have also already applied all the possible solutions that you yourself provide for possible problems with FxSound. I’ve already applied all the possible fixes, in the sound settings, process priorities, I’ve already run LatencyMon, etc., etc. Outages only happen to me when I have FxSound enabled. When I disable FxSound as a sound device, notification cuts stop happening altogether. That is, the problem occurs only when I have FxSound enabled as a sound device.

I also have several settings applied regarding the selection of presets and the configuration file FxSound.settings, so I don’t dare to install this new version. With my executables, I directly change the FxSound.settings file, and then open the program. This way I make sure that in the opening I always have the preset I need, and if I am going to listen to music, I alter the sound less, and if I need to only listen with the speakers of the PC, I generate more reinforcements to make it sound louder.

Then I would like to ask you the following:

  1. Does this new version, 1.1.24, work the same as the previous version in terms of its configuration through the FxSound.settings? Wouldn’t I have problems changing my version? What could I have problems with?
  2. Is it possible that the cuts in the notification sounds will be fixed with this new version?
  3. Would it be possible for you to release for example a version 1.1.25, which could solve these problems of notification outages? I would truly become the most loyal user in the world if they did!

In any case, I congratulate you for developing FxSound, which is a spectacular software.

Thank you very much in advance

Best regards
José Manuel


Hi José,
Thank you for your encouragement. FxSound being appreciated a large community gives us the motivation to keep improving FxSound.

Sorry for the trouble you are facing with the notification sounds. I understand how annoying it can be to keep hearing unwanted alerts.

In this new version I have removed some of the notifications on audio device changes which were repeating. We have tested this version and it quite stable now. The user settings are not overwritten when you update FxSound. Still, to be save you can backup the settings by taking a copy of the settings file located at %APPDATA%\FxSound\FxSound.settings and then install the new version.


Dear Vijayakumar,

Thank you very much for your response and thank you for these updates.

I installed version 1.1.24 and everything works fine, except that when connecting different sound output devices, this new version does not correctly make the change automatically as before. I mean connecting different Bluetooth speakers for example. In these cases this new version 1.1.24 does not correctly change the output sound device.

Due to the above, I returned to version 1.1.22 which does automatically change the sound output devices, as it always has.

Because of the above, I wanted to see if you could make this fix in the new version, so that the new FxSound changes the device automatically like before.

Thank you very much in advance


And in addition to the above, I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to include an improvement, which is that there could be a preset defined for each sound device that one connects. That is, if the output device changes, the preset that I had previously defined for that sound device will automatically change.

This would be an improvement, but what I told you earlier about automatically changing the output device as before would be a correction.

Thank you so much


@bvijay Thanks for the new update, especially preferred device is a nice addition to me, I will try to check it out soon!

@JMS I fully agree with your statements and maybe I can shine a little bit of light on this situation.

Ever since I’ve upgraded to a new computer, the new motherboard makes use of an internal USB 2.0 connection to provide analog audio through the Realtek onboard chip.

The complaints I’ve however heard about this ‘USB connection’ instead of the old fashioned way of connecting onboard audio chips is that with sudden sounds like notifications the first part of the notification may be missed, as the USB-audio device has to ‘wake up’ from a silent state.

It may very well be a similar issue in this case with your notifications only partially coming through.

Ironically however in my case I think that issue was solved by actually installing FxSound so I no longer had those sound-cuts, I have however not been using the computer without FxSound since so I’m not sure if it still happens for me.

What I do notice however is that the volume control of windows without FxSound (so Realtek analog output selected) is more ‘stuttery’ when changing the volume, this is not the case when changing the volume on FxSound audio device. That was not the case with Realtek on my old motherboard that used the old fashioned way. (ALC892 vs ALC4082)

Some background information about this here:

The only part is that it shouldn’t be cutting out if audio is already actively playing.

I wonder actually if Latencymon is still very accurate under Windows 10/11 because I remember in DPC Latency Checker under Windows 7 my values were way way lower, probably like 2-digits below ~50 µs while Windows 10 on a newer system just consistently reports ~995 µs which is probably due to under the hood changes in Windows 10/11.

Anyway hope it brings up some other ideas and insight, maybe it does not solve your issue but it might shine some light for others.


Hi José,
In version we have added a setting to select a preferred device. But, if a preferred device is selected, then audio will not switch to a new output device which is connected. The features to automatically select the output and preferred output device are mutually exclusive. Can you please check if the option “Automatically switch to newly connected output device” is selected in settings.

Thank you for suggesting the improvement on preset selection for the device. This is one of the feature improvements we are tracking in GitHub as well Adding an Auto-Switch option for Presets and/or Playback Devices · Issue #9 · fxsound2/fxsound-app (

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