FxSound ( is now available!

Download: GitHub.
Extract Source code.
Open folder fxsound-app- and sub-folder release.
Run fxsound_setup.exe, read changelog.txt.

Note: The links on the main site have not yet been updated.
Therefore, links from updates.txt will give version for some time.

Consider the period before publication on the site as a test period in order to detect critical problems.

  1. Arabic and Japanese language support added
  2. zero processing Default preset added
  3. Notifications on/off settings on Windows 10 now remain unchanged after reboot/relogin
  4. Hotkeys which conflict with any valid character typing shortcuts are not enabled
  5. Default hotkey combinations are modified to Ctrl+Shift+key
  6. Maximum user defined preset limit is increased to 20 by default
  7. User defined preset limit can be configured in the FxSound.settings file by adding the value for <max_user_presets> which can be in the range of 10 to 100
  8. Hotkey options now available to switch to next and previous preset
  9. Settings dialog, Import presets dialog and Export presets dialog can be closed with ESC key
  10. System tray icon changes according to FxSound status on/off/processing
  11. open-source announcement displayed on first launch after installation

Congratulations on the new release and the road to opensource!
Hopefully more people will be able to contribute to this great software this way.

I do notice that the currently released version on the website is
The changelog seems to have a slight inconsistency but other than that this is all great news!

Regards, Critical.

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v1.1.21.0 was already shared publicly on GitHub while it was not 100% ready for release yet, hence the inconsistency.

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Indeed, a newer version has been released, so this topic is no longer relevant.

You can still track changes on the official website or GitHub.
Note: GitHub may contain versions that are not available on the site for various reasons. This could be a delay in posting to the site or testing fixes.

Links to understand the sources identified above.
https://www.fxsound.com/changelog & https://www.fxsound.com/download


Shoutout to @Dolmatov, @bvijay, @doolhoofd, and @budiantoip for the great work on this new version!



Feedback: You guys seems making progress huh! Amazing.

Dolby Atmos (Laptop/Asus)

FxSounds seems to be able to enable the dolby atmos for build in speaker under sound seting now. even the dolby app open without disabling the option now. but when trying to load the test video from the dolby atmos app the sound seems crackling <== not sure this is an issue or not or worth investigating. but if i close the fx sound complitely then try the video again it seems to play normaly. (and the video plays normally after i turn on the fxsound the 2nd time)

Gonna test on games with dolby atmos like division 2… Good Job Guys!
THE DIVISION 2 : FXSounds + Dolby Atmos = Working (amazing lol) *game with dolby atmos support
Final Fantasy VII REMAKE: FXSounds + Dolby Atmos = crackling + laggy *game with 3D audio support

Older Games:
Left 4 Dead 2: FXSounds + Dolby Atmos = seems working (just louder / normal)
Final Fantasy XIII: FXSounds + Dolby Atmos = seems working (just louder / normal)

From Dolby Access > More Setting “turning off the dolby atmos effect” seems working it turn off the fxsound spartial sound option (sounds option under windows seting)

You guys should promote this app @ reddit audiophile xD

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And a special shoutout to @NullDev for contributing the AutoIt fix, the added startup option, the added shortcut for switching to the previous Preset, and the removal of the Preset limit, among others.

:boom: :clap:

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Yes sorry @NullDev for missing you :wink:

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