Oops there's an issue with your playback device settings [OOPS ERROR]

I have this issue the moment Fxsound installed which is written in the title i did as it is said in the website to troubleshoot it but no device was disabled please help



Hi Zyson,
If you’ve attempted to uninstall and reinstall, and followed the troubleshooting info, and it still doesn’t work, I’m guessing it could simply mean that the sound settings of your machine are not compatible with FxSound.
But I really hope someone on the team will come along and look into this, since there might still be a fix to your problem.
Best of luck!
[EDIT: This was posted when I was new to the forum; please scroll down for actual troubleshooting suggestions.]

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Oh yeah i reinstalled FxSound 5 times and did apply the troubleshooting guide but still nothing worked so i guess my device isn’t compatible much appreciated


@bvijay is there anything else he can try?


If the driver gets installed but the device instance is not created properly in device manager, we can try removing the device manually, by uninstalling the device with “Delete the driver software for this device” option checked.


If the driver installation again fails and shows :warning: sign in the device name in device manager, share us the installation log file %WINDIR%\inf\setupapi.dev.log

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That’s some hard core tech business.
Let us know if this helps, @Zyson!

I can’t help wonder if maybe there’s an overlap between these issues?

Yes, the issues preventing FxSound Audio Enhancer device getting installed could be similar.
If the device could not be installed after driver cleanup, then we can go through the setupapi.dev.log to get some clues.

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Hello Vijay,

This user needs assistance.
EDIT: Problem miraculously solved.

Tip: If you can’t find FxSound in Device Manager, try looking under View > Hidden devices.

I’m getting this error on the first machine i have tried to install the new version on. But the old version install fine, Windows 10 21H2 . Back to the drawing board for the builders of this software,

User @anubistyrant proposed the following:

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That fixed it!

New Windows 10 install btw, same problem - pulling my hair our 'till I read this solution :slight_smile:

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I also have the same problem and I have tried all the steps of this help forum, Tod has been in vain, for example, when I am going to install the driver manually as indicated in one of the solutions, he says that an error has occurred during The installation, none of the indications work

Hi, when I am going to install the driver manually as indicated in this solution, he says that an error has occurred during The installation, none of the indications work

hi, me too, thanks a lot

Well, I honestly don’t know how to solve this…

@bvijay: Can you please assist this user who is experiencing a persistent Oops Error?

@Dolmatov & @Antman: Sorry to bother you, but do you guys perhaps have a firmer grasp on or insight into this driver issue?

@York_Gonzalez: Vijay offered this advice as a check to ensure correct installation of the driver; and I think, if I’m not mistaken, that you can also use this as an indicator to find out if/when your problem is fixed:

As you can see, the recommendations have already been given, I did not add anything. Let’s wait for the user’s response. Let him provide the details:

  1. Description of the system installed by the PC (affecting the sound or security of the PC)
  2. An exact listing of the actions taken and the results of each action.
  3. If the provided information is not enough, then you can ask for a video or screenshots of the problem.

At the moment it is difficult to understand what exactly is wrong. Remote verification limits the possibilities, and official support is reduced to the bare minimum.

A problem with the system cannot be ruled out, so it would be ideal to test after installation on a fresh official system. This minimizes the separation between used system conflict and PC configuration conflict (os+hardware).

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That’s great advice as usual, @Dolmatov.
Appreciated; thanks. :+1:

@York_Gonzalez: Dolmatov is right. Flying blind won’t get us very far. In order to assist you long-distance, you’ll need to provide more details about your system (Windows version, sound card info, audio equipment used) and the actions you’ve taken so far. The forum doesn’t allow images to be uploaded by new users, so I’ll send you a private message in a moment, and you can forward any screenshots you have to me.

@York_Gonzalez: If you can do this, it would be helpful; if not, we’ll just have to skip it.