New FxSound does not work [OOPS ERROR]

go to
there is a problem with your playback device configuration
before we can get started, follow the troubleshooting steps here.

but I’ve done the steps and it still won’t let me start fx sound

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Please refer to this thread:

If you still can’t find FxSound in Device Manager, look under View > Hidden devices.
Let me know if this helps.
If not, we can try something else.

it does not come out, only the fx enhancer comes out, I installed it now and it does not give problems, but the free version does not start.

Well, you can’t have two different versions of FxSound installed.
Choose one, uninstall the other.
Or uninstall both, then reinstall the version you want.
Or am I missing something?

I installed fxsound and it didn’t work,
uninstall it and install fxsound enhacer and that’s all.

but in the same way the free version (the one I installed at the beginning without having other versions installed) is the one that gives the problem at startup (the screenshot of my first message).

If you want the pink new version, try re-installing it (after uninstalling the blue old version, of course).
Sometimes it doesn’t work on the first or second try.

I have already done it many times with the pink version, I even went from windows 10 to 11 thinking that there was a problem with the operating system and nothing.

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Okay, sorry for that.
This error is happening a lot, we get it almost every day now, and to be honest, the best we’ve come so far with it is: attempt to reinstall until it works, or do the trick with the drivers described in the thread I linked.
Let me call in some competent assistance:
@PLEASE_DELETE… We can use your help, again…

thanks for your time <3

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No problemo.
Please wait a little while, TiM will surely show up soon.

Its strange that so many people have issues with this. I used many versions of FxSound (and its predecessors) over almost any Windows system and never had them myself.

However, in this case, we need to find any kind of starting point from where we can begin the troubleshooting as it seems a very vague issue.

First, it surely always makes sense to COMPLETELY uninstall whenever there are issues (including the Registry, installation folder, settings folder and whatever). But since the issue here already came up with the very first installation and points at the audio devices, maybe the cause is not FxSound itself.

Have you tried updating everything? Especially Windows itself and the drivers for your sound card or sound chip onboard? Also, try disabling EVERY sound device your are NOT using in the Windows sound settings dialogue (where you set default playback/recording devices).

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Look here: