[FIX] Oops Error: There's an issue with your Playback Device [OOPS ERROR]

This thread is about OOPS Error: There is an issue with your Playback Device.

This fix is for people who don’t have FXsound driver showing up in Device Manager or Sound Settings or anywhere at all.
Goto Device Manager > View > Show Hidden Devices
Then expand the sound, game and video Controllers tree, to see if Fxsound driver is present.
If not, this fix is for you.

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Click sound, game and video Controllers section
  3. Action tab > Add Legacy Hardware > Install the hardware that I manually select from > Show All Devices > Have Disk
  4. Browse to Fxsound installation directory
    C:/Program Files/ Fxsound/drivers/Win 10/ x64(see note below)/ and select the inf file

x64 - 64-bit systems
x86 - 32-bit systems

  1. Then complete the setup and Restart Fxsound application
  2. Voila! the error is gone and Fxsound should work perfectly

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Thank you, sweet tyrant. :slight_smile: