No sound after installing FxSound

So, I have this weird problem where it shows my FxSound is working perfectly but it doesn’t have any sound. I also tried to change the sound device to default and allow apps and windows to use this device for audio but it didn’t work.

What is wrong then?

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Show screenshots of sound device selection in the system and in the program. Specify if the program is running and if closing it helps.
Do not forget that in some cases restarting the PC helps.

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Hi. I can’t run the FxSound program because of the troubleshooting error And I can send you the screenshots of the system in discord since apparently here there is no way to send

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Hi Dumbpaper1,
Here’s a thread where a user had a similar problem; exactly the same problem, actually.
As you can see, there wasn’t a clear solution.
I personally really wouldn’t recommend messing with your drivers, making an exception only for power users who truly know what they’re doing…

Hello again @bvijay;
User has no sound when running FxSound, could you please assist?
Thank you.

Once again, it must be said:
Your assistance is greatly appreciated, @Dolmatov.

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It’s a little hard to understand the problem. As I understand it, a troubleshooting window appears.
If the forum does not allow you to send an image, then use third-party sites. like imgur.
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Describe the situation in detail.

Does Fxsound start or does it have an error on startup? In the program itself there is a choice of devices, are all existing ones available?

Is there sound when using the fxsound device and running the program?
What sound device do you choose and whether the program is running when the system troubleshooter appears.

Does uninstalling fxsound and removing it’s driver from the system solve the problem?

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I installed Discord, I’ll be here all day, my handle is doolhoofd, #4554, hmu.

Hi @Dumbpaper1,
To confirm if FxSound driver is installed correctly, go to the directory %PROGRAMFILES%\FxSound LLC\FxSound\Apps and run this command from command prompt,
DfxSetupDrv.exe check
The output should be FxSound Audio Enhancer
Also if the driver is installed, it will show up device manager as follows,

I am copying the steps I shared in another thread below to further troubleshoot the issue of no sound from FxSound,
There are two reasons that I can think of for audio not playing through FxSound.
If there is any other audio enhancement application running on the PC and if the audio playback device is setup for exclusive mode, then the other application can take control of audio playback and FxSound will not be able output audio to the device.
I have attached a sample screenshot of the setting in Control Panel → Sounds.

Also, FxSound should setup as default device and default communication device in Control Panel → Sounds → Playback . If any application chooses the default communication device for output then the audio will not go through FxSound.

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