My FX is giving error

I always used FXSOUND, it always did its job and never gave an error but today it can’t work, I’ve already done the steps they asked for on the website, it simply connects the audio to the FX sound but it doesn’t provide audio, it pretends to be connected but it doesn’t it works, it says that it connects normally but there is no sound coming out of my headphones and when I go to check the system, it says that sound is coming out

It says that sound is coming out but it is not, what should I do?

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Hello Gabriel,
Apologies for your trouble.
Could you please try checking these settings?
First, check if the driver is installed correctly:

Next, run through this list to see if you are set up correctly:

  • In the Help section of FxSound’s Settings menu, check to make sure you have the latest version installed (v1.1.16.0) from;
  • Check all existing volume sliders in your system;
  • Make sure your computer has received the latest updates;
  • Try running FxSound as Administrator;
  • In Windows Sound Settings, make sure all your devices match at the setting “24 bit 48000 Hz” (max);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, make sure the FxSound device is set as the Default Device;
  • If this doesn’t work, try setting FxSound as the Default Communications Device;
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable Exclusive Mode for all devices (Playback ànd Recording);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable all Enhancements including Loudness Equalization for all devices (except for FxSound which doesn’t have this tab);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable Hardware Acceleration;
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable all devices you don’t use, including the hidden ones;
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

Another tip:

I hope one of these tips will solve your issue.
If so, please let me know.
If not, please also let me know, so we can take further steps.

Check the device name in fxsound.
Try connecting another device via USB, if available.
Check all the volume sliders for mute mode for them. Not only general in the system, but also individual application sliders.

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Hello! I tried to do the steps you indicated but it still didn’t help, when I put the FXSOUND it says it’s playing sound on your device but on my headphones where it used to work it doesn’t play

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Okay; did you try connecting another device to see if it works with that?
And what were the results when you performed the driver check?

Hi @bvijay;
User @YuhDex has no sound, even after troubleshooting.
Could you please provide further assistance?

Hi @YuhDex
Can you go to Control Panel->Sounds and check if FxSound Audio Enhancer is set as Default Device and Default Communications Device in the Playback settings. And then go to Configure → Speaker Setup and click Test to check the output.

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