FxSound lowering bg apps volume

That’s right! However, it depends on several things!

First, one thing affecting what you see and can do here is the driver for the device. It CAN be, that you are “just” using the Windows default drivers, which are often limited to the very basic functions. In that case, just get newer/better drivers from wether the mainboard (or sound card) manufacturer (like Asus, MSI, Creative Labs) or the sound chip manufacturer (like Realtek for example) depending on which one is newer.

Second, the version of Windows also seems to do have an effect here since i have seen a difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11, for example, even though there normally shoul be none. This is just a guess at the moment, but can (or can not) be connected to the driver aspect above.

Third, another major change in the last time is, that there are another type of drivers on the Windows platform and in the long term, they are planing to deliver them over Windows Update (which generally should be good and helpful for most people, especially those with lesser technical experience). Realtek, as one of the major sound chip manufacturers, therefore switched to this new driver model. WARNING: this has a VERY serious impact since the older driver versions like the “Realtek AC’97” and even the newer “Realtek HD” are now OUTDATED; and that for YEARS! The problem here is, that the manufacturers of the sound chip (mainboard) or sound card have to deliver new drivers. And as you can tell, they mostly do for newer hardware. Tip: There ARE “unofficial” workarounds for this since — as you can also tell — a good amount of people are very … well, let’s say “they are angry” about that! :smiley: You can find GitHub repositories and projects of them by simply googling something like “realtek unifficial” or “realtek driver alternative”. PLEASE NOT: this is NOT in any case connected to FxSound and is just about your hardware and the drivers and the manufacturers (and, as mostly when something goes weird: Microsoft and Windows)! Yet, i can answer you questins about that if i can since i do learn and gain experience from that myself and of both, no one can ever do enough about/have enough of, don’t you agree? :wink:

Okay, when you have read my latest book (this posting) you try around and we will see where that leads …

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Hi thanks for your reply so i have been doing alot of testing recently i did roll back my driver to get that enhancement tab, however thing doesnt really change then i kinda noticed something i did tweak my headphone to 2 channel 16 bit and 96khz, the problem seems to go away WITH discord as i was talking really loud in discord but the audio still doesnt change which is great. However as for any calls beside for discord like Messenger it still kinda dim the audio down abit and its only in my games i suppose things like youtube and facebook still retains it original volume so it seems that CURRENTLY it only happens to games (i haven’t tested with other apps) when i use messenger call on browsers or even the messenger app downloaded from microsoft store. I know it sound like a mess but im just as confused myself but as for now i dont have much of a problem with it since discord seems to be fine with “the issue” now

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Since this seems to be more and more narrowing down to specific situations/combinations and applications, we should now see if there is some setting here somewhere that might explain why it is happening only then. So, i would check your messaging applications for that since they are often offering such a thing. Also, there might be a specific setting in the sound driver maybe and i am not talking about the Windows dialogue this time. Check if there is some of those “newer” former UWP apps installed for it which might affect your setup (especially with the new driver model). They often are named after the manufacturer or sound device or something like that and found in the start menu together with the “normal” applications. The Windows 10/11 calculator is an example for them. They are installed over the Microsoft Store mostly, so you can also look for it there or ask the manufacturers support about it.

Issues often do look like “a mess” depending of how strange they appear and how experienced one is which technology in general. That’s the point where it is important to be patient and test everything step by step and one thing at a time. It is just a question of time until you find the cause! :wink: Sometimes, it took me years, however … :smiley:

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Hi felix, glad to hear your issue is slightly remedied, I would also recommend downloading specific software for your headset if there’s any applications on the company website. For example. I just recently got a new phillips headset and downloaded the software for it and with some tweaking I haven’t had my issue come back since then. good luck

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