FX Sound not making a difference in audio output

Windows 10. I configure as suggested Audio set to FX Sound Enhancer or what ever it is called. Device set same. Output on FX Sound set to my speakers. I use Amazon Music. Each and every day and sometimes multiple times in a day the Amazon Music changes the setting. All that aside , when I open FS Sound push the on and off button, I hear no difference. I have cut off Exclusive as suggested. I repeatedly have to go back to the computer audio to reset the direction to FX Sound Enhance.
Clipping, it is horrible and happens a lot.
I have been a customer for years but i am ready to delete FX Sound. Total frustration. Never works correctly.
I keep rereading the various instruction - it is not that hard.
Any help out there. Or shall I say fare the well>

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Hello Doug;
Welcome to the forum; sorry for the trouble, really…

What do you mean by this? Which setting is changed? The audio output, or the sound enhancement configurations?
Is this a new problem, by which I mean, does this happen only with the new version?

Is this a new problem?
I’ll share this issue with FxSound’s lead technician;
@bvijay: Hello again Vijay; do you have any ideas on what might be going wrong here? Can you please have a look at this user’s post? Thanks.

This is probably bass-related. You’ll want to keep the bass within reasonable limits.
Same question again here: is this a new problem?

True, it really isn’t…
Thank you for answering my questions.
Also, please note that the old versions are still available as free downloads on https://www.fxsound.com (bottom of page, under “Products”).
Here to help,