Feature request: Preferred device

So first of all I have to say again: Thank you for this amazing software!
I want to propose a feature or rather an option though:

When my PC locks after inactivity, FxSound automatically switches to the built-in device (UXGA-100-C (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)) instead of keeping my bluetooth headphones active.

Which is why a “Preferred device” option would be amazing. e.g.: “Use this device whenever available”.

The only issue I can see with this is that the option “switch to newly connected device” could conflict with my proposed option. So I guess they can’t be enabled at the same time (which would be fine in my opinion)


Hi NullDev,
Thanks for the suggestion; we’ve had multiple threads on this issue already, see below.
@bvijay: Please note, once again a user is experiencing the known issue with sleep mode, suggesting the addition of a Preferred Device option to future versions (“Use this device whenever available”) as a solution; see opening post.


My apologies. I must have missed those threads.
The workarounds do work but I think an option like that would come in handy regardless.
Anyway, thank you!


In Device Manager, disable [not remove] the offending device
Set properties to ‘Don’t Use This Device’

In short, if you do not want to use the device, turn it off by removing it from Windows. This approach will not prevent switching - only limit the options of what switches…

The guy with the script should have bought a new cable. He is describing a Vista/Wind7 era problem that is in the monitor/cable, not the OS.

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Goodday @james & @bvijay,
Since listening to your userbase tends to produce great results (see e.g. the video “The Insane Story Of Instagram” by James Jani on YouTube below), I figured this was worth noting:
User @rasitensar is not only experiencing the exact same issue, but, what’s more, proposing the exact same solution…

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Hi @doolhoofd,
Since the default output device requirement is coming from multiple users, I can add an option to address this. I will think of a way to make this option complement the existing option for automatic output switching.


User @Milincho posted the same request today, so I’m adding it to this thread:

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I see this option. Add a list of previously connected devices in the settings with position adjustment by dragging and/or buttons. Next to it is a cross/trash button for disconnected devices/without recording detection in the system.
This is a slightly more advanced function that requires reworking the program logic and mastering it on the user’s side. But it would allow not just switching to the active device, but “poll” devices by priority.

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Adding another similar request from January last year by @rollingtatoo,

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I would find it so useful honestly! My computer usually sends 2 audio outputs or more to two different devices, i regularly disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth speakers and headsets and each time i have to re-tweak my settings manually.

Just a simple list of known output devices, with a priority value associated to each, and by default using the highest priority connected for FXSound output. It might be a good idea to even allow to associate a device to a sound profile!

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This is the appropriate place to post your desires about such a function: