Option to Set Default Playback Devices and Presets That Automatically Switch When Using Selected Apps

The idea here being that if you could say set your Playback device to headphones and preset to Music when running Spotify for example. And as you started playing music on Spotify FxSound would automatically swap the playback device and preset to match what you’ve set for the Spotify app.


Great idea to implement when Device Selection issues are corrected. :smiley:


Okay, this idea is also good :slight_smile: But differs from the other posted. Nevertheless, it may not make a big difference in implementation.

"When changing the output device, then FxSound should switch to the last/preferred profile for the specific device. Additionally, this is done, when the output device is switched automatically.

Background: I have a laptop with built-in speakers and such laptop is also used on a desktop workplace with a different speaker setup. Therefore I need different sound profiles. At the moment I switch it manually.

This feature would make my workflows easier, since I forget most times to switch until sound comes which doesnt sound well because of the wrong profile :slight_smile:"


I would love this feature.
Just installed a few hours ago and I originally thought this was already implemented. Would love it to be able to use my speakers with X profile, then if I put on some earbuds, change to Y profile.
Right now the manual changing isn’t that terrible to do, but anything to make it easier and with less thought would be great

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For me personally, it would not be really necessary, and would only add more bulk.
But I get why others would appreciate it.

This is a feature which can be found on most gaming-related software tools. Often used by manufacturers like Logitech did on G HUB or NVidia in their driver control panel. The idead behind is, that every game is differen - as every user is. In software, there often are discussions about what feature to add, which not and why. My opinion here is easy: add whatever you like, but make it optional/customizable! How elese will you satisfy so many different use cases/users?

For example, i am often using surround sound on my headset while gaming but need stereo for music and internet audio. So is simply set it in the related tool instead of switching around all the time! It is annoying enough to switch between speakers and headset already, right? :wink: Speaking of, maybe, when your are thinking about such profiles, they could also contain the preferred output also.