Auto save last used audio out or option of 2 audio outputs

I use on my pc (win10) 2 audio outputs that are not jacks from integrated soundcard. One is going by hdmi from gpu to tv, second is going by usb to Maudio audio interface and into amplifier. Always when I turn on pc FxSound audio output switches to Maudio. Is there a way to make it remember last audio out that was selected (hdmi) or even create some kind of mix that there will be both working audio outs / I remember there was stereo mix available in Realtek and win7.

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Hi ruffpl,

There were plans to integrate a function like this into the program:

…But then in August this year, development was discontinued:
Vijay gave this advice:

There’s no way to do this in FxSound, but, there are two things you could try:

  • Enabling Stereo Mix in Windows (see first link below, shared by @Antman);
  • Installing VoiceMeeter (Banana) and using multiple inputs (see second link below).